To find a partner, millions of people use social networking sites or dating platforms. Many people use different online dating platforms, however, discover a scammer rather than a partner who is attempting to con them out of money.One such platform is Before flagging as a possible scam in this review, the Report Scam community conducted extensive research. Report Scam recommends that you first read this review.

About Scam

Scammers appear to be interested in a relationship when they approach victims on dating apps like Tinder, Hinge, Facebook Dating, etc. They will welcome you every day for weeks while acting like your new best friend before all of a sudden starting to discuss investing. 

Scammers also pretend to accidentally contact people on platforms like WeChat, WhatsApp, Telegram, Linked In, Instagram, etc., before introducing themselves as friends and starting daily conversations. After some time, they mention their investment in cryptocurrency or forex and claim to be guided by someone.

Scammers try to look like they are from your country by using VoIP numbers with the victim’s country code or area code. They constantly come up with a justification for why they can’t meet in person or why they won’t video call you. Some scammers use false screen pictures and demo accounts to fool you into believing they are making a lot of money. 

They also invite their victims to open accounts so they can practice. All of this is predetermined, and the scheme is known as “pig butchering.” 

Most typical online dating platform scams include:

  • Scammers will use images to get their victims to provide their personal information.
  • Scammers will pretend to be a dating app or website to issue a fake verification number by email or text. Once they click on it, it will ask for their personal information, such as payment card numbers and Social Security numbers.
  • Scams, including malware: Dating sites frequently contain malware. In this scenario, the victim will deal with a con artist who provides them with a webpage that appears authentic but is a malicious page.
  • Scammers will lead their victims to believe they must get married to receive their inheritance in an inheritance scam. In this situation, they will request financial assistance for something like airfare.

How does function as a scam?

A scammer frequently begins on dating websites. However, con artists are increasingly using social media to discover their victims.

The scammer will start a conversation with someone after connecting with them via a bogus profile, and they will work on developing a connection by communicating frequently. Once they start to think that the romance scammer is trustworthy and that their relationship is real, the online criminal will make up a story, ask for money, and then disappear. Review Conclusion is a strange platform that requires authenticity to begin with. It lacks reliability and is aiming its services at customers from many countries. Therefore, as your money or identity may be in significant danger with such a platform, we urge you to avoid it.

How can I get help from the scam?

The best option for recovering from the scam is to report it to the Report Scam Community.

It is one of the few trustworthy recovery support companies that want to help people get back on their feet after a loss. They are a dedicated group of money-recovery experts who have already assisted hundreds of fraud victims in getting their money back. By filling out a short form, anyone can sign up for Report Scam and get a free consultation.

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