Share And Bond Scam

Investing in shares and bonds is one of the common ways to overcome inflation and save money for retirement. Even scammers have their eye for fraud people who invest in shares and bonds. It is easy for investors to fall for shares and bonds fraud. In recent years, many firms/industries/companies have become conscious that their stockholders are receiving unsolicited phone calls or correspondence relating to investment matters in the company. They are mostly “boiler room” operators usually from abroad.

How do share and bond fraud work?

The fraudsters can be very determined and extremely convincing, and often offer very attractive returns. Investors are promised by scammers that by investing in shares and bonds they are going to get high returns. And the money so earned will be deposited in their bank account once they sell the shares or bonds.

Do not trust anyone who promises you very return. Or monthly payments will directly be credited to your account. Don’t buy their honey-dipped talk. You will only be stressed and harassed to get your money back.

Be careful selling/purchasing shares and bonds online.

There are numerous ways you can sell/purchase shares/bonds, and one of them is online. Most investors see online advertisements promising high returns and fall prey to scammers. It is impossible to predict the securities market. One can just estimate it. Market ups and downs are because of investors who speculate in it. It is a risky game that people play. Sometimes it can wash away all your saving in a very short time.

How to avoid being a victim of shares/bonds scam?

Before you pay anyone anything do your homework properly. Do not believe in false promises and claims.

Research for information on the internet. See the company’s performance. In case you do not find any information about that company’s business then it may be that company is bogus or fraud. It is a ‘get alert’ signal for you.

The scammers offer to you to buy specific shares at a huge discount or bonds with a surefire income. If you receive any uncalled-for investment advice, Report Scam Community recommends that you make certain that you get the name of the organization and the person you are talking to.

Check if the company/firm is regulated or not. A list of regulated and unregulated firms is available on official government websites.

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