Netflix Scams

Introduction to Netflix Scams:

Netflix has become a popular OTT platform across the globe. With the right amount of promotion and an array of series and movies to watch, this platform has become a global favorite ever since. However, like every other industry that is earning profits, this industry too has been attacked by scammers.

The monthly and yearly plans rolled out by Netflix have been put to bad use by these scammers who prey on innocent victims and steal all of their money. If you too are someone who loves binge-watching and has a Netflix account, make sure you stay here till the end. If you find this article helpful, comment down below and share it with your loved ones to help them from such dangerous scams. 

How does a Netflix scam work?

The most usual way through which the Netflix scams take place is by Phishing. The term phishing means when someone uses a fake email address or phone number to extort your personal information by deceiving you. In the case of Netflix scams, these scammers intend to steal your ID and password or your money. These fake emails may also have more than one purpose. Read on to learn more about Netflix scams. 

Common Types of Netflix Scams

The Personal Information Stealer

In this type of scam, the main objective of the scammer is to steal your personal information, such as the login ID and password to your Netflix. The scammers will usually pretend to be Netflix and send you an email stating that someone has been trying to log in to their account and that they need to click on the link given below to change their password or enforce more security. When you click on the link given in the mail, you will be redirected to a page that will be a copy of Netflix. They will further ask you to enter your login ID and password thereby, getting all the details they want.

 The Money Extorters

In this type of scam, the scammers will pretend to be mailing from Netflix and state that the last money transaction regarding the subscription has undergone some error. They will further ask the victims to fulfill the payment on the link below the mail. When the victim clicks on the link, they are directed to a page that looks similar to Netflix. As soon as you pay, the money goes to the scammer’s account.

Exclusive Netflix Membership

Yet another type of scam that is common is when scammers pretend to be Netflix and send emails or messages through SMS to the victims, stating they have won a draw and getting a free Netflix account. For this, they would have to give in their details and a small amount of money as their fee. The victims, fooled by this, readily agree to this trap and send in money, along with their personal information. This way, the scammer receives the money and the personal information, which is later exploited by the scammer.

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