Cryptocurrency Scams

Cryptocurrency Scams – An introduction

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other altcoins are digital money without physical existence. You can transfer cryptocurrencies to someone online, but there will be no intermediary like a Bank or other financial institution. Although cryptocurrencies are meant for digital payments to avoid transaction fees and for investment purposes, they are also used to commit fraud. We can witness thousands of Cryptocurrency scams and Initial coin offering (ICO) scams every year.

You might be aware of the Bitcoin boom when it became so popular due to the rise in its prices recently. People are getting more interested in Bitcoins and other types of cryptocurrencies, but scammers have also used them as a means of committing fraud. There are cryptocurrency scammers and scam cryptocurrency brokers who might offer you unrealistic returns on investments and fanciful proposals. Never trust a cryptocurrency broker if he:

  • assures you of guaranteed returns
  • promises you that he will double or multiply your money in a very short time.
  • seems an unregistered or unregulated broker with negative reviews
  • continuously calls you and urges you to invest more and more money.

Many cryptocurrency scammers use your computer to mine cryptocurrency without your permission. This is done through some malicious codes sent to your computer, and they get connected to your computer through it.

Don’t be trapped by any cryptocurrency broker, as it is one of the most common types of online scams these days.

ReportScams and other online communities get hundreds of complaints about scam cryptocurrency brokers and therefore they all have to be avoided. Only Cryptocurrency Recovery Services can help get the stolen cryptocurrencies back.

You should always have a thorough investigation of a particular cryptocurrency broker if you want to trade safely. Regulation, positive reputation, and trust are required when you trade with a crypto broker. Read the broker’s website carefully and understand all Terms and conditions before investing with it.

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