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Report Scam has helped hundreds of victims of unscrupolous trading brokers in recovering millions of dollars of their hard earned money.


Victimized by a scam broker? Get Help in recovery!
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Every year thousands and thousands of innocent people get scammed by unscrupulous scammers. It can be any type of scam. For example- Forex broker scam Cryptocurrency scam, Forex Trading Reviews, Bitcoin Scams, Bitcoin Recovery scams, Binary trading scam, Fake ICO scam, Romance and Dating Scams Pet scams, Immigration scams, and so on. No one can stop them to scam innocent people because fraudsters always look for various new ways to defraud people ReportScam is an honest community service that helps the victims of scams to fight back against the scammers and get a refund. Our experts guide you to the right fund recovery service or a lawyer in the field of expertise. If you are a victim of Cryptocurrency frauds, Forex frauds or any other scam, Report Scam with us through our Scam Report form.

Being scammed by fraud brokers and losing all your money is a hard pill to swallow. We are continuously involved in building case-winning strategies as per the requirements and budget of our clients. Our team involves the best industry members from different fields, offering a range of possible solutions with high ethical standards. If you believe that you have been scammed by scam brokers, feel free to contact us immediately. Remember, your quick actions can lead to quick fund recovery.

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Legal Chargeback

Forex Scam Recovery

The Forex Trading market is the biggest financial market. Forex Trading is a great opportunity for scam brokers to victimize innocent traders. We are experts who understand your case and guide you to the best Forex scam recovery service.

Cryptocurrency Scam Recovery

Cryptocurrency scams are on rising. The most common cryptocurrency scam is Bitcoin Scam. ReportScam community guides you to the best fund recovery service which can help you recover your lost cryptocurrency. Tell us your case.

Binary Options Scam Recovery

Binary Options trading is another way through which fraud binary brokers victimize innocent Binary traders. If you were defrauded by a binary broker, reach us and we will help you in getting the best service to get back your refund.

Dating Scam Recovery

Everyone needs a true life partner. But what happens when your online date is a scammer? You lost funds to this person, right? Don’t panic. We are here to help you. We will guide you to the best fund recovery service which will help you in getting back your money from dating scams

Pet Scam Recovery

Pet Scam is not an uncommon word. There are thousands of cases every year when a fraud pet seller defrauds an innocent pet buyer. If you are a victim, tell us about your case. We are a community that will help you to get a refund. We know best recovery experts or lawyers expert in this case.

All Scam Recovery Services

And the sky is the limit for the fraudsters. They are ready to victimize people through any means. We deal with all cases of scams whether it is an immigration scam, Real Estate scam, Adoption scams, or any other kind. Feel free to contact us for help!. We will guide you to the best path of recovery process.

No one can help you better than us in Scam Fund Recovery

ReportScam is a real scam recovery help community that helps scam victims in the most ethical way. We understand and analyze your case well and provide the best possible guidance. We are not like many fake scam recovery firms which scam victims again and do nothing! We are a community of experts providing Forex Trading Reviews, Cryptocurrency broker reviews etc. Lets join our community.

We help fraud victims get chargebacks!

Chargeback is simply a refund of unauthorized transactions made on your debit/credit card. We have chargeback recovery experts who know everything about chargebacks. ReportScam guides you to the best chargeback companies or lawyers and always supports you while you are fighting your case.

Report Scam Community- Scammed? File a Complaint and get help

We leave no choice for the fraudsters
other than to give your money back!

So, scammed by any fraud broker or service?

Do you know you are eligible for a full refund from scams? File a complaint against the broker below and get a free consultation to recover your funds

Scammed by a broker or a company? Don’t know what to do?

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Reviews are the best way to know about any broker or firm. It gives you a clear insight regarding the particular firm on how it works, terms and conditions, what the clients think and what kind of services they provide. To help you in deciding your perfect investment partner, Reportscam offers you the reviews of scam brokers that you should avoid while searching for a genuine investment platform. These reviews help you in learning about their work process, their scam activities through which they defraud their clients, and the number of possible red flags that are related to scam. These reviews guide you in a number of ways making it clear on whether to go ahead with the particular broker not.

Blogs on Current Scam-

Along with the reviews, get to learn about the latest scams taking place in the world. The Reportscam works with the objective of making the user aware of the scam news along with scam brokers leading to forex scams, cryptocurrency scams, etc. Learning about the latest scams make the investor aware of their surrounding and extra cautious while looking for investment opportunities.

How to Get Help Now!

All you have to do is fill up the complaint form given on our website with appropriate information. After receiving your complaint and analysing the case, our team will reach out to you at the earliest and guide you with the best solutions.

Here is how you can recover your money lost in a scam.

The new age of advanced technology and social media has made each one of us a little more vulnerable to getting scammed if we are not careful. While surfing on the internet, one must know that at a given time there might be a scammer keeping a close watch on your movements and waiting for you to reveal some important information. If you have been an unfortunate victim of a forex scam, worry not as we bring to you 5 ways through which you can also recover your money lost in a forex scam. 

Talk to your Broker

It is common for new traders to lose money in the first few trades due to a lack of knowledge and experience in the industry. However, when it comes to the blame game, the new traders seem to quickly shift it to the brokers. In such situations, we would request you to collect your thoughts and talk to the broker about fund recovery methods. More than often, fund recovery can be an easy procedure. Before contacting your broker for the fund recovery make sure to collect all the evidence such as screenshots of transaction statements etc. Most of the time, your issue will be solved after a talk with the broker. If that does not happen, stay tuned and read more. 

Voice your concern online

In the case of the broker not communicating with you, the next step is to let the world know what happened with you. The ratings and the reviews on public trading forums are of extreme importance to the forex brokers and this is why they even have a dedicated team of members to look into and maintain these ratings and reviews. In such a scenario, the best you can do is to share your scam story on these public platforms. By doing this, you alert the other traders as well. 

Filing a Chargeback

The third step is for those who have invested money through a credit card or a debit card. In such cases, you can file a chargeback with the service provider or the bank directly. After the bank determines the legitimacy of the issue and takes care of it for you. If you have been scammed, there is no need to panic as there are plenty of options through which you can recover the money lost.

Complaining to the broker’s financial institution

Another method through which you can ensure the scam doesn’t happen with anyone else is by filing a complaint with the financial institution or bank that the broker is tied to. This is essential because setting up a payment method or gateway takes a huge amount of time and no broker would want to risk losing that. The further step in such complaints is the bank demanding the broker to return the money. 

Contacting the Regulatory Authority

Contacting the regulatory authority if one gets scammed is the best method as it also alerts the regulation to keep a close watch on the brokerage firm. If the regulation conducts an investigation and finds that the broker is a potential scam, the broker will be blacklisted and steps will be ensured so that it doesn’t happen with anyone in the future. 

Contact is working on hundreds of cases of frauds. We provide free consultation to the individuals who are victims of Forex scams, Binary frauds, online trading scams, Fraud broker scams, Investment scams, Dating scams, Pet scams and other types of scams.

We have a great record and we are still helping thousands of people to get a refund of what they lost to scammers. Fund Recovery is possible! Let us get your money back.

Victimized by a scam? Get Help!

If you act fast, without wasting much of your time, and before your money transfers few hands or channels, better are the chances of its recovery. With the increased passage of time, it becomes increasingly difficult to trace your money and recover it. It is also easy to bring the scammers to book as early as possible. In this process, you help bring to a standstill the scammer of his scamming activity. He or she will not be able to continue his or her scamming activity and fraud innocent people further.

You can read reviews of our services on the internet. Our approach to the clients is professional and deal professionally within your limited budget. Be alert, be informed, and avoid fraud. Help us save the community from getting scammed.

We are an expert fund recovery platform with a proven track record.

We helped a significant number of scam victims who got defrauded by tricksters.

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ReportScam follows the best investigation procedures to get your money as soon as possible.

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Each case is important to us, so we develop a custom methodology to give an ideal result. Our thorough and versatile investigation process unravels reality with ceaseless acclimation to the intricacies of each financial situation.

Completely confidential

No matter what the scale or cost is, we equally maintain the secrecy of every case. Guaranteeing the most extreme carefulness and awareness consistently, we safely record any private information.