Forex Trading Scams- Scam Brokers List 2021

There is no question that the forex market is one of the biggest financial markets. Approx $5 trillion is the daily trading volume, which increases the chance of a Forex Scam. With an unstable fluctuation of currency, forex scams become more continuous than at any other time. Forex Trading Scam is a fake money exchange trade. 

This scam takes place whenever you lose the odds of getting back the cash you invested in an organization with whom you got related for forex exchange. If you are trading in forex exchange, either from the USA or any other country, make sure that you don’t fall into traps of any discrepant.

The article will make you aware of the forex scam and the major points that the investor should look at before choosing their investment partner. Go through the blog and learn more!

What is a Forex Scam?

Forex Scam administrators use deceptive and unlawful practices to cause financial misfortune to traders. They target people from various experiences and age groups, continually looking for different ways to mislead. The motive of these scammers is to snatch all your money, and once the task is done, they disappear with your money, leaving you dejected. Hence, the investors need to have complete knowledge of this industry to prevent themselves from getting scammed and falling victim to the illegal and evil plans of the scammers.


Today, they are developing web-based scams via Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. They will probably establish a relationship with individuals and trap them. If you wish to engage with online investments, you should instruct yourself against Forex scams before joining the market. It will put you in a good position, and you will try not to succumb to Forex tricks.

Types of Forex Scams

Point-Spread Manipulation:

Point-spread scams were system manipulation of the bid-request spread in favor of the dealer.

This scam has been to a great extent in the US, yet brokers still operate these tricks.

Signal Sellers:

Signal Sellers offer a framework to distinguish when to purchase and sell cash sets to get the most cash flow. They offer long-haul exchanging experience and exchanging capacities of great benefits to entice the trader.

Signal merchants offer tips in return for a day-by-day, week-by-week, or month-to-month expense. This interaction can be manual or programmed.

Trick signal vendors will either take your cash and vanish or offer you a couple of good hints before never hear from them again.

Forex Pyramid Scheme:

Pyramid schemes earn cash by enlisting new paying individuals from the plan. It is known as a pyramid because the second layer of volunteers hires newcomers for the third layer of investors. Pyramid schemes are a fraud, and whoever begins them will go to prison whenever caught.

Automated Trading Programs:

It is focused on newbies to the forex exchanging market and is referred to as expert advisors or robot exchanging. These robots can attempt exchanges without human mediation are not difficult to utilize, and sometimes sell for a couple of dollars.

When checking out robots with an alluring success rate, know about scalping – various exchanges for tiny benefits that make it seem like the robot is very effective but, any great size misfortune would crash benefits rapidly.

How to identify Forex Trading Scam? 

Look at these indications that can assist you to spot forex scams and try not to get caught out.

‘Risk-free’ contributing: Investing sometimes accompanies some risks. Any organization promising danger-free speculation openings is probably going to be a scam.

  • Spontaneous offers: If you’re reached unexpectedly about a forex venture opportunity, it’s probably going to be a scam. Never part with your data or move cash to the firm if they do.
  • Time pressure: If an organization attempts to pressure you into contributing rapidly, it’s probably going to be false. A few scammers offer rewards to convince you to contribute immediately.
  • Unreasonable returns: Forex tricks frequently guarantee to make a significant return from your underlying investments that are unrealistic. Any organization offering makes-money speculation openings is probably going to be a scam.
  • Web-based media adverts: A developing number of scammers are utilizing web-based media to publicize deceitful speculation openings. They frequently use pictures and recordings of luxury things to fool individuals into their scams.
  • Social Media Advertisements: Scammers find it easy to advertise fake investment opportunities through social media. As a lot of people are actively surfing social media platforms, these tactics play a major role in influencing people and attracting them to invest with the scammers.
  • No-Risk Investments: The forex industry is volatile and keeps changing. Hence, the broker guaranteeing the no-risk and no-loss investment is a definite scam broker and should be avoided.

Forex Scam Brokers 2021

Security of money is the priority while trading. Lossing the funds can adversely affect the mental and physical health of the victim. Many of the time the people fail to identify the potential scam brokers and end up falling prey to their evil plans. These forex scams, crypto scams, investment scams, etc, take place every year in large numbers. 

But, the investors should always keep in mind that getting scammed is not the end. It is possible to get their lost funds recovered from the scammers. Various online recovery services are available to help you out with the best possible solutions. The increasing popularity of the forex market increases the risk of forex scams. 

Therefore, it is good to pick Forex Broker Regulation and invest after having proper security and guidelines. Here is the list of unlicensed brokers 2021 or Scam Broker List 2021. We don’t suggest trading with them because of their unlicensed activities. Investors are advised to be aware and go through the proper research process before moving ahead with investment with these brokers.

Blacklist of Forex Scam Brokers 2021

TradesFXNot Regulated
CryptofxtraderOffshore License
Blue Line TradingNot Regulated
FxcryptoprotradeNo license
KucoinOffshore license
360tradersNot Regulated
GHC TradeOffshore license
CryptomaxOffshore license
MaxFxTradeOffshore license
Fxcrypto BitminingNot Regulated
ITradeCapital Offshore License
Omega OptionsNot Regulated
Star Fx ProNo license
CryptofxtradingOffshore License
Choice Trade 24No license
HFXGiantOffshore License
Elite InvestmentsOffshore license
CMMCI SecuritiesNot Regulated
Cryptofx-TradesOffshore license
EliteforexlegaltradeOffshore License
Deriv InvestmentOffshore License
BullCryptoTrades No license
Royalfx FundOffshore License
WisebancOffshore License
IGC MarketsNot Regulated
CCD Express Bank LTDOffshore License
AG PartnersNo license
Willow GroupOffshore license
Merger Masters Offshore License


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