Automobile Warranty and Insurance Scams

Introduction to Automobile Warranty and Insurance Scams:

If you own a vehicle or someone in your family does, you must be acquainted with the hundreds of spam calls that the owner receives regarding automobile insurance and warranty. Although some of the calls might be from legitimate firms that are trying to sell you their insurance policies, most of them are from scammers who pose as representatives of car dealers or insurance providers. They will further pitch a brand new insurance policy or endorse a new one after they tell you that your insurance is expiring soon. The main question here is how will you identify a scam caller from a real one?
This is the exact reason why both of us are here in this review. In this review, we will explain to you the common types of automobile warranty and insurance scams. We will also discuss some of the ways through which you can avoid these brutal scams.

How do these Automobile Warranty and Insurance Scams work?

Every one of these Automobile Warranty and Insurance Scams starts with an automated or a pre-recorded message. Upon picking up the call, the recorded message will ask you to press a certain number to be redirected to another scammer of the same group. This scammer would try and get your personal information that will later be used against you.

Common Types of Automobile Warranty and Insurance Scams:

Pressure of Policy Expiring

One of the most common ways that scammers exploit innocent people is by building up emotional pressure and tension among them. The emotional pressure makes the poor victims act in a hurry without thinking twice about it. This enables the scammers to steal a lot of money from these victims.

Limited Time Offer

This is yet another common method through which the scammers tend to psychologically trick the victims into giving them money without thinking much about the deal. In the limited period offer scams, the scammers claim that you have won a lucky draw and got free automobile insurance as a prize. However, they will ask you for money in the name of tax or legal needs. Without a second thought, the innocent victims transfer the money only to realize that they have been trapped in a scam.

Fake Emails

The Automobile Warranty and Insurance Scams do not only happen through phone calls, the scammers send emails in bulk stating that your insurance is expiring or you have a chance to extend the insurance at a lower rate. They will further ask the victims to reply to this mail with their personal information to get a discount. This way, the scammer not only acquires the money of the victims but also the personal information which can be used later.

How to avoid Automobile Warranty and Insurance Scams?

  •  You must not act in hurry and follow whatever a random stranger pretending to be a representative says. You should always cross-check and then act upon it.
  •  Know that the scammers will have full knowledge about the type of automobile you own and the details about the model. The legitimate dealers would not have this much information.

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