Is Stonebridge Limited a scam or legit broker? Read Stonebridge Limited Review 2024

In this Stonebridge Limited review, we will be examining why is not a legitimate broker, why it is not safe for trading, and finally why it has been warned by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). We hope you find this information helpful in making informed decisions about your investment activities.Website –,, www.stonebridgelimited.netAddress – NAWarning – Financial Conduct Authority (United Kingdom)Stonebridge Ltd. is a scam operation that gained notoriety for defrauding clients’ investments. Victims were offered high returns on their investments by Stonebridge. However, instead of investing as promised, Stonebridge used victims’ and stole all their profits.

Stonebridge Ltd Is Not A Legit Broker

Stonebridge Limited is not a legitimate broker. Many traders have reported that the company has failed to deliver on its promised services, leaving customers out of pocket and without any help from customer service representatives. There have been numerous reports of slow payouts, hidden fees, and claims of customer funds being held without explanation. 

Additionally, Stonebridge Limited’s platform has been known to experience technical issues, making it difficult to trade or perform other activities. It’s best to avoid Stonebridge Limited as a broker altogether to protect your investments.

Stonebridgelimited Is Not Safe For Trading

Stonebridge Limited has recently come under fire for being an unsafe platform for trading. Many reports have surfaced of money disappearing from user accounts, high fees, poor customer service, and withdrawal issues. The company is not taking the necessary steps to ensure their customers that their funds are in safe hands. As a result, it is highly recommended to avoid trading through Stonebridge Limited until these issues are addressed and resolved. Is Warned By FCA

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) recently warned potential customers not to trade with after reports of fraudulent activity. According to the FCA, the website is providing services without authorization from the regulator and has been directing customers to an unlicensed firm. This raises serious concerns about the legitimacy of this site and its operations. As such, we recommend that our readers avoid engaging in any trading activities through until they can verify that it is indeed a legitimate broker. Review Conclusion

In conclusion, our Stonebridge Limited review has revealed that it is an unreliable platform and should be avoided at all costs. The site does not provide customers with the best experience due to its lack of transparency regarding fees, customer service, and security. Furthermore, there have been numerous complaints from customers about the site’s fraudulent activities. We strongly suggest that you stay away from and explore other options for online trading or investments.

Scammed by Stonebridge Limited? How to get your lost money back from Stonebridge Limited?

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