Retellrule Review: Is it a Legitimate Online Store or a Scam? is a website that offers women’s clothing, but we have reason to believe that it may be a scam. Our investigation uncovered several red flags, including the site’s basic template design, limited product selection, and absence of any social media links. Furthermore, the whois information only provides basic details and does not reveal anything about the owner or organization behind the website. Continue reading for a more detailed Retellrule review of our findings and to determine whether is a trustworthy online store.

Analyzing the Domain Registration and Website Design of

Upon examining the registration details of, it becomes apparent that the website was only registered on February 27, 2023, and is set to expire a year later, on February 27, 2024. While this does not automatically suggest a fraudulent activity, it is notable that the domain is still relatively new and has not been active for an extended period. Moreover, the absence of information regarding the website’s owner or organization is a cause for concern.

Additionally, the site’s design is minimalistic, and the logo appears to be uncustomized. The overall aesthetic is basic, and it appears to have been created using a template. While ease of use is appreciated, the website’s design raises some doubts about its authenticity.

Improvement Needed in Product Categorization on 

With 96 items listed, it’s surprising that only offers a single category of products. This absence of categorization presents challenges for customers trying to locate certain items or even explore the site efficiently. It also suggests a lack of organization and attention to detail that may be worrisome.

Issues with Hidden Products and Negative Reviews has some worrying features that customers should be aware of. One such issue is the presence of hidden products, such as the DEWA 20-VOLT MAX LITHIUM ION BEST CORDLESS COMBO KIT, which is not advertised on the main page and can only be accessed through online advertising or social media. This product is being sold at a significantly lower price than its actual value of $650, which raises concerns about its authenticity.

Another issue is the lack of positive reviews available for, and some reviews even suggest that it may be a scam. This is a red flag because legitimate businesses often have some customer feedback available online. Furthermore, the negative reviews and reports of suspicious activity are concerning and indicate that customers should exercise caution when making purchases on this website.


After careful examination, it appears that is an untrustworthy website with multiple red flags that indicate it might be a scam. The website’s basic design, limited product offerings, and absence of social media links suggest that it was hastily put together and may not be a legitimate business. Additionally, the whois information provides only basic details and does not reveal any information about the owner or organization behind the website, further raising concerns about its authenticity.

Furthermore, the concealed product pages and the significant difference in price between the advertised price and the actual price of the products strongly suggest fraudulent activities. We strongly advise potential customers to exercise caution when considering purchasing from this website.

Retrieving Lost Funds from Retellrule 

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