Is Optavia an MLM scam? Read a complete Optavia review

The weight loss market is estimated to bring in around $70 billion a year, and it keeps growing. But were you aware that selling items for weight loss is another way to earn money? Given that you are looking up Optavia reviews, we are going to assume that you already knew this.

This Optavia review will cover the things to determine whether it is a worthwhile time investment or a solid moneymaking prospect. Before joining, you must read this Optavia review.

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What Optavia exactly is? is the outcome of the Medifast subsidiary’s “Take Shape for Life” rebranding. People think of Optavia as Medifast’s lifestyle brand, since it focuses on both food alternatives and ways to live a healthy life as a whole. Optavia was started in 2002, unlike Medifast, which was established in 1980. They have their main office in Owings Mills, Maryland.

For those who are seriously seeking to lose weight, the Optavia MLM organization claims to offer nutritional and health wellness goods. You will receive weight loss guidance from a health trainer employed by the firm.

Optavia Review: Products

Optavia sells a variety of “plans” that claim to achieve ideal weight and health.

  • With the Optimal Weight 5&1 Plan MLM, eating six modest meals each day is the main focus. The cost of the Ideal Weight 5&1 plans varies from $414.60 to $448.60.
  • The phrase flexible diet plan to help you attain a healthy body weight is used to describe Optimal Weight 4&2&1. Retailing at $408, the Optimum Weight 4&2&1 seems to be a thirty-five-day dose.
  • Retailing at $333, the Optimal Health 3&3 regimen seems to be a 43-day supply.

Optavia ranks and complaints

Although they have a Better Business Bureau profile, they were not rated at the time of this assessment. Given the volume of complaints about their customer support, they have given the company an NR rating, which signifies that a rating cannot be given at this time.

Very Costly Products

One month’s worth of their product packages might run you anywhere from $350 to $425, which is rather expensive. This is something to think about if you want to sell their products, especially since there are so many other MLMs that help people lose much cheaper weight.

The coaching program at Optavia

Optavia offers to pair you up with a coach to assist you in moving forward with your weight loss goals. These training classes aren’t being run by real medical experts.

The $200 Optavia business kit was acquired by these “coaches,” who also passed an internal qualifying examination.

The coaches who receive this coaching “certification” are not taught any fitness or nutrition research. Additionally, it does not have acceptance among experts in the health and wellness sector. It instructs participants on how to bring in more individuals to this risky diet plan. It serves no purpose in terms of coaching for weight loss.

This is a component of multi-level marketing. When you complete their diet plan, you can approach your trainer to make you a trainer so that you can take on new customers and coaches.

Optavia appears to be and operates exactly like a pyramid scheme. A pyramid scheme is described as a business that makes money when customers sell their products in exchange for a piece of the earnings, leading to a chain of others who also receive profit shares. These businesses will put a lot of effort into continuously hiring new employees so they may increase their profits at the top. Optavia performs precisely this.

Optavia Review Conclusion

This opportunity might not be the right fit for you. The main issue is that this company’s strategy appears to place a lot of emphasis on recruiting and direct sales. In any business, it’s hard to make money, but it’s much harder with an MLM business plan because you’re usually looking for new recruits.

Also, you should choose a broker or business that is governed by significant regulators such as FCA, FINMA, SEC, FMA, ASIC, etc. if you want to protect yourself from scams like Forex scams, Binary scams, romance/dating scams, cryptocurrency scams, or any other scams. Read the policies and terms and conditions as well as the broker reviews. These minor particulars will shield you from broker scams.

To avoid scams, visit the Scam Brokers 2023 Page to read more about scam brokers and their reviews.

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