Is Metadax Global a scam or a legit broker? Read this Metadax Global Review to know more about the Metadax Global scam

 Website –

 Address – 19-21 Bd Royal 2449 Luxembourg

 Warned By – Ontario Securities Commission (Canada)

Why Metadax Global is a scam?

MetaDax Global (MDG) claims itself as a legally licensed FX and CFD broker and investment organization, headquartered in Luxembourg and offers an intuitive interface that helps you to see new possibilities. Additionally, MetaDax Global claims to have well over three million content users, which would all sound amazing if it weren’t for the fact that the website isn’t under any kind of regulation and is blatantly a hoax.

In addition to lying about having a license authorized by the EU, MetaDax Global also gives an incorrect address for Luxembourg. Our argument is that if a broker is not duly licensed and authorized, you have no reason to trust them, not even regarding the legitimacy of their supposed address.

Although MetaDax Global claims to provide a robust and user-friendly platform, we were unable to access it. Nonetheless, given that they are nothing more than unlicensed con artists. If you are scammed by Metadax Global broker, you can file a complaint in the complaint form. You can also check the scam broker 2023 page to avoid scam brokers.

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