Note: Report Scam Community has conducted many researches before flagging Fxkovner as a possible scam in this Fxkovner Review.

Is Fxkovner a scam or legit?

Fxkovner is an offshore or unreliable broker which is not regulated by any reputed regulation authority in its region. This broker offers trading and investment services in many countries without having a license from any regulatory authority in its country like CySec, ASIC, FCA, CNMV, etc. The broker got many Complaints and negative Fxkovner reviews and other possible scam features can also be the reason. Your funds may not be safe if you are trading with this broker.

 Website –

 Address – United Kingdom, Dubai, New Zealand, United States, Hong Kong

 Warned By – Not Recommended By Review Website Like Report Scam

Fxkovner claims to be a globally prestigious financial brokerage firm that has offered its services to a huge number of brokers. They also claim to execute the best management but, nothing is true and we will discuss every point in this Fxkovner review.

Fxkovner is owned by FXKOVNER CAPITAL HOLDING GROUP LTD enlisted in the UK. The organization doesn’t have a license from FCA, so they are not allowed to offer financial services. There is a high risk of money loss if you pick this broker from trading.

Despite Fxkovner attempts to look legit and trustworthy, we can’t disregard the alerts that Fxkovner giving us. There are many brokers like it, and we can quickly recognize the kind of specialist we were dealing with by stepping into the site. We also reviewed comparative-looking broker sites in our scam brokers 2022 list, the vast majority of them are unlicensed and obscure. Find more about the scam broker in our review list.

Possible scam activities of scam broker Fxkovner

Here are some of the very possible reasons why we have flagged this broker as a scam broker in this Fxkovner review.

  • The rules and regulations, Bonus and Withdrawal policies are not legitimate and they are made for defrauding traders.
  • The broker makes continuous calls to the traders and urges them to invest higher and higher amounts.
  • The broker may have made a number of false claims through its website.
  • The broker promises returns that are too good to be true.
  • The risk warnings may not be disclosed on their webpage or would be hidden.
  • The broker remains operational for some time and suddenly you are not able to contact the broker or the website seems down. The broker also changes the name and website URL without any notice to existing traders.
  • The broker may be located in the countries or small islands where there is no proper regulation and registering a company is very easy. Usually, these countries are havens for scam brokers.
  • This broker provides you good chances of making profits and when you decide to withdraw your money, they will state their illegitimate rules of withdrawals, and ultimately you are not able to make a withdrawal.

Negative Fxkovner Reviews and Complaints

Fxkovner has got many negative reviews and traders who traded with this broker have raised many complaints against it. ReportScam has investigated a lot about this broker and based on the negative reviews, complaints and other scam features, we have listed this broker in the list of scam brokers 2022.

Example of Negative Fxkovner Review

After Searching internet you will find many negative Fxkovner Reviews. Users have frustrations and feel cheated after trading with this broker. ReportScam does not recommend traders to trade with this broker and your funds may not be safe with this broker and Fxkovner reviews are negative. Instead we recommend looking for regulated and reputed brokers who can really help in growing your investments.

How to get your lost money back from Fxkovner?

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Domain Age Information of Fxkovner

Date RegisteredJuly 13, 2021
Domain Age1 year, 21 days, 15 hours, 42 minutes, 44 seconds

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