Note: Report Scam Community has conducted much research before flagging CapitalCoinX as a possible scam in this CapitalCoinX Review.

 Website –

 Address – Unit 111088, 2nd Floor, 6 Market Place, Fitzrovia, London, U.K

 Warned By – Financial Conduct Authority (United Kingdom)

CapitalCoinX Review: Introduction

The CapitalCoinX brand is owned by Direct Coin Ltd. and is located at Unit 111088, 2nd Floor, 6 Market Place, Fitzrovia, London, U.K., W1W 8AF. Their email is and They can be contacted at 0151 508 1479, +442038076160, +448716407673, +441315070558, and +442080898120. For more details, read the CapitalCoinX review that follows.

CapitalCoinX is an exchange, and its sister company is CapitalCoinFX, which is a crypto broker. The information given is not very clear and is illusive. The website is full of anonymity and is thereby a risky venture. The physical address given of the company is fake. It is just to fool European investors, and readers should be aware of this.

CapitalCoinX Review: Domain Name

When we investigated their domain registration on, it revealed some disturbing information and facts. According to the information, the domain is not two years old. In other words, CapitalCoinX has been targeting investors or traders since then.

We believe Capital Coin Exchange is a swindler’s online trading platform. We also conclude that no transparent activity goes on the website.

CapitalCoinX Review: Regulation

Though the platform is supposed to operate from the U.K., it fails to have any formal recognition from the official regulatory body (FCA). There is no valid registration and license from the Financial Conduct Authority. It has not posted any copies on its website pertaining to the same. To fool investors and traders, many a time, these scam artists post any random registration number. At the footer of the website, CapitalCoinX homepage, they have posted the number 09622118, which is not related to the forex registration number.

At this point, we draw a line that Capital Coin Exchange is an unregistered and unlicensed business entity and you will put your funds at risk.

CapitalCoinX Review: Accounts

The account types listed are Micro, Standard, Premium, and VIP. Trading products vary with each account type. Commissions are only set for Premium and VIP account holders. It is just to lure investors to move to higher account types that demand higher minimum deposits.

CapitalCoinX does not have segregated accounts. It is not adhering to set industry regulations. In other words, the company’s account and the client’s account are the same. The company can misuse the client’s account in its favor.

CapitalCoinX Review: Deposit and Withdrawal

The depository channels offered by CapitalCoinX are Visa, Mastercard, Advcash, PayPal, and Perfect Money. The conditions for withdrawals, as informed under their terms and conditions, are not very pleasing. It is virtually impossible to withdraw any money. These are the tell-tale signs that you are dealing with a rogue online platform.

CapitalCoinX Review: Trading Platform

CapitalCoinX claims to be using an MT4 trading platform, but on investigating we found they are using a custom-made platform. These custom-made platforms are neither stable nor compatible. The execution speed is also slow. Security features are also not proper. Hackers can easily target such platforms and steal your data.

Why not deal with CapitalCoinX?

  • The exchange and broker are neither regulated nor licensed.
  • Blacklisted by FCA
  • No segregated accounts. Your funds are not safe. Funds are being deposited into the owner’s bank account.
  • Custom-made trading platform, which is not stable.
  • Slow execution speed.

Have you been scammed by CapitalCoinX?

We have added this site as dangerous and are on our no go zone list. But still, if you have been scammed by CapitalCoinX approach us immediately.

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