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 Website –

 Address – Bonovo Road, Fomboni, Island of Mohéli, Comoros Union

 Warned By – The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (Switzerland)

Paraiba World Review: Introduction

Paraiba World is an online finance company owned by Unique Private Bank Ltd claims to deliver tailor-made financial solutions for corporates, businesses, and individuals. The company is located at Bonovo Road, Fomboni Island of Mohéli, Comoros Union, and its website found at They can be contacted by email at Moreover, other details like contact number, regulated license, etc. are missing on their website. Paraibaworld offers two investment plans with up to 0.5% returns on investment.

But all these claims and offers are not true because Paraiba World isn’t authorized to provide financial services. They don’t have any regulated licenses in the countries where it operates. It is a major red flag and makes it suspicious to themselves whether they are legit or a scam broker. Read a complete Paraiba World Review to know more about this broker.

Paraiba World Review: Regulated License

Checking the regulated license of a broker is important if you want to start investing in a trading platform. It shows whether a broker is eligible or not for providing financial services in their country. If the broker doesn’t have a regulated license from a regulated authority that means they are scam brokers and involved in scam activities like forex scams, cryptocurrency scams, investment scams, or other online scams. Paraibaworld is a potential scam because they got a warning from the regulatory authority of Switzerland – the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA), and also blacklisted by Austria and Germany.

How does the Paraiba World scam work? 

If you want to start investing in an online trading platform means you are an easy target of scam brokers. They can contact you through several mediums, including online ads, social media, phone calls, or email. After that, they convince you by giving great deals for an initial deposit investment. If you invest money with them, afterward they ask for more money to invest. Later you will realize that they are scammers, and you cannot withdraw your money.

Paraiba World uses the same trick as they pretend as a real bank as they mention themselves as regulated as Unique Credit Bank in the Comoro Islands. But when we investigate this broker, we find that they are not regulated by any authority. We advise you never to share your information without checking the regulated certifications of a broker; otherwise, you will lose your precious money.

Paraiba World: Customer Review

ParaibaWorld got negative reviews and ratings on all other sites. After reading all the negative and positive Paraiba World reviews, we found that this broker is not reliable and potentially involved in scam activity. To avoid these scams, the Reports Scam community provides a scam brokers list of 2022 on our website.

Paraiba World Review: Final Thoughts

If you are a victim of Paraiba World or Cryptocurrency scams, Forex scams, Investment scams, Romance scams, Gift-card scams, or any other online scams, you can file a chargeback for fund recovery. Fill out a complaint form on our Reports Scam website. Our experts will provide you a free consultation, and we will guide you in the process of fund recovery.

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