Introduction to Investor500 Review:

Investor500 claims to be the go-to broker for various traders from around the world. The company also claims to have 800+ trading instruments. Although Investor500 might have gone a little overboard with all the self boasts, it is time to see whether Investor500 is a scam or a legitimate brokerage firm. If you are here with the same question in mind, read the full review to find out.


About Investor500:


In this section, we will be covering some of the major red flags posed by Investor500.


Is Investor500 a regulated brokerage firm?


Upon checking on Investor500’s website, we realized that the company does not mention an address anywhere on the website. A company not revealing its address or giving any contact details is definitely tricky. The fact that is fishier is that the company yet again reveals no information about the is regulation under any of the regulations. Now, as you might know, an unregulated brokerage firm is a huge risk. This is because the brokerage firms that are registered under the regulation have to be very transparent with the regulator. In case of any dispute with the customers, the customers can file a complaint with the regulator and get their money back. However, that is not the case with unregulated brokers and this is why your money is never safe with the unregulated brokers.


What is the minimum deposit demanded by Investor500?


The minimum deposit demanded by the brokerage firms plays an important role in deciding whether a brokerage firm is a scam or not. Most of the regulators advise against demanding higher minimum deposits to the brokerage firms under them. However, the brokerage firms that are not regulated demand huge minimum deposits with the most common deposit being $250. To not much of our surprise, Investor500 demands a minimum deposit of $250 from their customers. This raises yet another red flag against Investor500 in this Investor500 review.


What is the leverage offered by Investor500?


Higher leverages are tempting, we know. However, if you learn about the risk associated with higher leverages, you won’t look at it the same way again. Higher leverage puts you at more risk than an option for smaller leverage. This is the reason why various countries have put a limit on the leverage that can be offered by the brokerage firm till 1:50. In our case, Investor500 offers leverage of 1:200 to their customers. This raises yet another red flag against Investor500 in this Investor500 review.


What is the trading platform provided by Investor500?


Investor500 provides a rather boring trading platform. Unlike the best competitors in the market like MT4 and MT5, the trading platform provided by Investor500 does not have nay up to date applications for the ease of the customers.


Conclusion: Is Investor500 a scam or legit?


To sum up, all that has been said, we leave the decision of deciding whether the Investor500 scam is true or not. Whatever you decide, we will warn our readers to stay cautious if they have the intention to invest or trade with Investor500.


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