Overview of Garson Forex Review:

With the growing population of scam brokers all around us, it has become the need of the hour to figure out a way that can identify the scam brokers. This is where we come to help. We review and assess the legitimacy of the brokers and publish detailed reviews for you to know whether it’s safe or not to trade with a certain brokerage firm. In this review, we will be investigating Garson Forex. This brokerage firm claims to be one of the topmost forex brokers with customers from many countries around the world. All of this is hard to understand as it is coming from a company that doesn’t even reveal its address or contact number on its website.

About Garson Forex:

In this section, we will be specifically discussing the offers and demands met by Garson Forex. We will also be raising the red flags in the problematic areas of Garson Forex’s work.

Garson Forex Regulation:

The footer of the website claims that Garson Forex is part-owned and operated by the Garson group but no further information is available about the alleged parent company. Furthermore, Garson Forex does not even reveal the whereabouts of their office; it is clear that the company is seriously trying to hide something. In the regulations section of their website, Garson Forex purports that Euro Finance Investigation & Security Organization or the EFISO. However, this claim is also completely wrong as EFISO does not list any license for Garson Forex. We request our readers not to trade with brokers that are not regulated.

Garson Forex Trading Software:

Garson Forex states that they offer MetaTrader5 or MT5 as their trading software. However, when we decided to try their trading platform, they were not letting us enter the platform. Even after sending emails and trying to contact their support service, we were not successful in getting in. This seems suspicious and is certainly a trick to cover up the scam that they are hiding. The readers must note that the legitimate brokers would never attempt such a stunt as they have nothing to hide.

Garson Forex Minimum Deposit:

The minimum deposit is demanded by most of the brokers in the industry. However, it is often asked on a very small scale that lies in the range of $5 to $10. The scam brokers are the ones who ask for very high amounts as minimum deposits because it’s just another way for them to steal some more money. In our case, Garson Forex demands a minimum deposit of $100 which is very high as compared to the industry’s average. Furthermore, Garson Forex provides no information about the leverage and the spread that they offer. This raises a red flag against the Garson Forex scam.

Conclusion: Is it a Scam or Legit?

To sum up, all that has been said above, we can safely say that Garson Forex is a complete scam. We request our readers to steer clear of Garson Forex and not to invest or trade with them. If you have been scammed by Garson Forex, report now and get an instant reply with solutions to recover your funds.


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