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Read Europe Forex Invest Review to know if this broker is legitimate or a scam.

Introduction to Europe Forex Invest Review:

Europe Forex Invest claims to provide a variety of services including tradable instruments to their customers at prices they will find comfortable. Claiming to always think of the best of the customers, Europe Forex Invest further brags about their company on their website. However, Europe Forex Invest is not all that it claims to be. After several complaints from our readers and those who have been scammed by Europe Forex Invest, we decided to investigate the true intentions of Europe Forex Invest. We were shocked to see the results, read till the end to know for yourself.

About Europe Forex Invest:

In this section, we will be discussing all the problematic aspects and red flags of Europe Forex Invest.


When we checked their website for any proof of regulation, we found out that Europe Forex Invest does not reveal anything about their license. From this, it was clear that Europe Forex Invest is hiding something. Furthermore, upon investigating a little, we found out that Europe Forex Invest is actually based out of the Marshall Islands. As everyone might know by now, the Marshall Islands is one of the offshore zones and thereby is famous among the scam brokers. One must never trade with a brokerage firm based out of the Marshall Islands as they do not have a regulation to supervise the firms.


Another problem that we found out in Europe Forex Invest is the high leverage offered by them to their customers. Europe Forex Invest offers leverage up to 1:500 to their customers which can induce so much risk that the customer will end up losing all of their money in the trade. Even after knowing that higher leverage induces risk if the firm is offering it, it is clearly suspicious.


Yet another red flag in his Europe Forex Invest review is the huge amount that is being asked by Europe Forex Invest as a red flag. Europe Forex Invest demands a minimum deposit of $200 from their customers as compared to the minimum deposit of $5 to $10 that is asked by the legitimate brokerage firms. One must never fall for the fake promises and invest all of their hard-earned money in such scams.


The major red flag of all is the fact that Europe Forex Invest is actually blacklisted by a regulatory authority. CONSOB has issued a warning against Europe Forex Invest claiming the company to be a potential scam. It asks its citizens to stay away from Europe Forex Invest as it might be harmful to them.

Conclusion: Is Europe Forex Invest a scam?

To sum up, all that has been said above, we leave it upon you to decide whether Europe Forex Invest is a scam broker or not. If you are a victim Europe Forex Invest scam, fill the form above and file the complaint with us. After analyzing your complaint, we will get back to you with solutions to claim your money back.

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