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TradeBaionics Warned By – National Securities Market Commission (Spain), Commissione Nazionale per le Società e la Borsa (Italy)

TradeBaionics Address – 60 Queen Victoria St, London EC4N 4TZ, United Kingdom

TradeBaionics is an international company that has worldwide clients. When you visit the TradeBaionicsis website they claim that their analysts have a huge knowledge of the market and years of experience and numerous awards. After some time you understand that the broker has provided no essential data about the company. The names of their CEO and CFO are missing. They also hide other details like who they are and where they are regulated. Such information which they are provided cannot be true or it can be missing. . It is a faceless investment platform, and there is no direct contact with the investor which indicates that this platform is not safe, and it better move to avoid or stay away from them TradeBaionics is just another scam website where your investment will be never secure. If you want to read more about it read the TradeBaionics review.

TradeBaionics regulation status

TradeBaionics has an unregulated status because all the countries provide a regulated license to their broker. After all, without a regulated license, it is a clear indication that a broker is involved in suspicious activity like scams or fraud. Warning authorities like ASIC, FCA, CNMV, and FINMA do not provide a license to TradeBaionics which means staying away from these brokers.

Complaints against TradeBaionics

It is necessary to check complaints or public reviews before investing in any platform. Negative reviews and Low ratings show that the broker does not have a great image among investors. Several complaints are filed against TradeBaionics. They don’t have any regulated license and are also involved in scams.

How the scams can get work?

It all starts when brokers contact you by calls and emails and ask you to invest your money in a trading platform. They also ask for your details like phone number, adhaar card number, and credit card details. They manipulate you by giving offers that, invest a huge deposit and you and you make a profit easily. But at the time to withdraw, you should know that you have been scammed by the brokers and lost your all money.

How can an investor get their money back?

If you are an investor and you had scammed by the broker then they refuse to give your money back. But don’t worry, there is a way to get your money back. Keep all the emails as proof of the complaints about not refunding the money. The next step is to contact your bank and inform about that you have been scammed by a broker in a Forex scam.

Final thoughts

Report Scam advises the investor to avoid investing money with a TradeBaionics broker because they don’t have any regulated license and they are involved in a Forex scam. All such points show that this broker is involved in suspicious activity, and your investment is at high risk.

If you are a victim of TradeBaionics scam, the Reports Scam Team helps you out with this situation of Fund Recovery. Fill out a small complaint form, and we will help with a free consultation. Also, if you like to trade, please do it carefully. Reports Scam helps you to find a regulated and trustworthy broker.

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