GlobalFxp Review: Is GlobalFxp scam or legit

If you’re considering investing with, think again. Negative feedback and questionable activities have been associated with this broker. In this GlobalFxp review, we will examine the reasons behind this broker’s notoriety for defrauding investors and emphasize the significance of regulatory supervision in the financial sector.

GlobalFxp Information

  • GlobalFxp Website –
  • Website Availability – No
  • Address shown – 66 Wellington Street W, Toronto, ON M5K 1A1 & 12 Heneage Street, London, England, E1 5AZ
  • GlobalFxp Owned By – NA
  • Warned By – British Columbia Securities Commission (British Columbia), Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores (Spain), and Ontario Securities Commission (Ontario)

Why we call GlobalFxp activities as GlobalFxp fraud?

Warning from Regulatory Authorities

Financial regulators from several different countries have been watching GlobalFxp. The Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores (CNMV) in Spain, the British Columbia Securities Commission (BCSC) in British Columbia, and the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) in Canada have all issued warnings against this company, suggesting significant concerns that GlobalFxp is a fraud. Despite lacking the legitimacy and governmental support necessary for such activities, this firm claims to provide trading services.

There is no credible information to support the authenticity of the addresses listed, even if they are in Toronto, Ontario, and London, England. Moreover, examinations into GlobalFxp show that the company is not registered with the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), a significant regulatory oversight for any financial service provider purporting to be based in the UK.

Additional Red Flags

The website for GlobalFxp, which was once located at, is no longer accessible. This sudden disappearance, which implies an intent to avoid notice and responsibility, is frequently used as an indicator of fraudulent operations. The suspicion is heightened by the fact that the addresses—66 Wellington Street W, Toronto, ON M5K 1A1, and 12 Heneage Street, London, England, E1 5AZ—do not match any recognized company operations associated with GlobalFxp. Furthermore, there is no ownership information available, which is rather strange for a reputable trading site.

It is strongly suggested that investors stay away from doing business with GlobalFxp. There is a significant danger of financial loss, as shown by the numerous regulatory organizations’ warnings and the lack of reliable information regarding the ownership and activities of the firm. Before making any investments, be sure that any financial service provider is duly registered and governed by the relevant authorities.

GlobalFxp Review – Conclusion

We dont recommend any trader to trade with GlobalFxp as there are a plenty of negative feedbacks and suspicious activities done by Keep your money safe and do not trde with GlobalFxp.

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