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EthTRX Website:

Address: N/A

Regulated By: Unregulated

Warned By: Not Recommended by Report Scam Community

About Tron

Tron is a known blockchain-based, decentralized, open-source, operating system whereby one can share media content and can create decentralized applications mostly for the digital entertainment industry. It is a digital platform for an online phone application, online casinos, or social networks. It is a digital platform with its cryptocurrency called TRX or Tronix.

Due to advancements in technology, there are thousands of e-commerce sites available and many are created on daily basis. Many of whom are fraud/scam sites.

Read this EthTRX Review to find out the wide range of issues one will experience while trading with EthTRX.


The company owner of this website is hiding his/her identity. Those websites whose owner hides their identity get a slightly poor score.

At present, the website does not seem to be active. The owners who are scammers use the website only briefly. Alexa ranking is very low. A low ranking is possible if the website is new or is a niche website. In this case, it is a business site and should have many visitors. This is probably a fraud/scam website because the company was set up nearly 4 years back. Scammers have been found buying existing domain names and starting their illegal activities

The website has no valid SSL certificate. That is not a good sign.

One can use Tron for cloud mining websites, cryptocurrency trading /exchange platform, crypto wallets, mining pool, crypto games, and crypto faucets.

Website details about EthTRX

The domain creation date is 01st Feb. 2018. It does not have an ‘https’ connection thereby not secured. The address of the domain owner is 1100 Bellevue Way NE, Ste 8A-601 98004 Bellevue WA, USA. The phone number mentioned is (+1) 4253668810. Email ID is which is very unusual.

It is an MLM company and is not transparent about who is running the company or who owns it. It does not have reliable service. The only source of income seems by marketing affiliate membership itself. The site claims that one can earn daily 5% to 12% on ROI. One can earn a referral commission by recruiting three levels down. Affiliate membership appears to be free. Full participation requires investment, and that too in Tron (cryptocurrency). The site claims to generate revenue through crypto mining. It is a Ponzi scheme. As with many Ponzi schemes, as soon as affiliate recruitment dries up so does the scheme collapses.

Why you should not join EthTRX?

  • The owner is unidentified on WHOIS.
  • The website seems to be parked.
  • They are not a legal company.
  • When new affiliates dry up the company is bound to collapse.
  • You will get neither your capital back nor your profits.
  • The website does not have SSL certification. It is an unsecured site.
  • The site does not provide customer support services for users.
  • Alexa rating is zero. Even though the website is a few years old.
  • Most MLM scam companies sell inferior quality products.
  • Companies use high-pressure sales tactics.
  • The company does not provide customer support services.

In case you have been scammed or you can no longer get your money back we will help you and provide guidance on how you can get your money back. We help scam victims get their money back through professionals who are in this field for decades. If the company has defrauded you, file a complaint here.

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