Introduction to Zoro Global Review:

The scam brokers in the market are coming up with new tricks everyday to try and trap the vulnerable innocent people who are trying to invest in the market. With each new day , these scam brokers trap hundreds of innocent people who unknowingly end up losing all of their hard earned money to these ugy traps set by the scam brokers. If you want to protect yourself from these traps of the scam brokers, you are just at the right place with us. We not only help scam victims in fundrecovery but also review the brokerage firms everyday in order to help you find out whether the broker is a scammer or a legit brokerage firm. In today’s review, we will be discussing the red flags posed by Zoro Global and help you in deciding whether Zoro Global is a scam after all or not. To know more about Zoro Global, keep on reading!

About Zoro Global:

In this section of the Zoro Global review, we will be explaining the red flags that Zoro Global tried to hide.

Is Zoro Global regulated by any regulator?

To find the answer to this question, we checked for any signs of regulations on the website of Zoro Global. However, our search yielded no results as Zoro Global provides the public with absolutely no answers or information regarding the regulation status of the company. Upon checking with the regulations themselves, we found out that Zoro Global is not regulated by any of the regulations around the world. Zoro Global is UNREGULATED and this gives us the first red flag in this Zoro Global review.

What is the leverage provided by Zoro Global?

The leverage is usually offered in small ratios in order to reduce the risk induced by higher leverages. In our case, Zoro Global offers a leverage of 1:500 to their customers. This is very high and not at all safe for the customers to take such a high leverage without a good experience in the trading market. This gives us second red flag against the Zoro Global scam in this Zoro Global review.

What is the minimum initial deposit demanded by Zoro Global?

Minimum Initial Deposit is yet another parameter that is asked in very low amounts in order to reduce the burden on the customers. Regulated brokers demand a minimum initial deposit ranging from 0 to $10 from their customers. In such a situation, Zoro Global does not even reveal the minimum deposit that they demand from their customers on their website. This is a clear sign that something is wrong with Zoro Global. This gives us the third red flag against Zoro Global scam in this Zoro Global review.

Conclusion: Is Zoro Global a scam or legit?

To conclude the Zoro Global review, we can safely say that Zoro Global is a potential scam. We warn our readers to stay away from Zoro Global. If you have been scammed by Zoro Global, just fill the complaint form and we will help you.

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