Trillant Review – Scam or Legit

Trillant presents itself as a cryptocurrency platform that seeks to bring about a revolutionary change in the traditional financial system. The platform comprises three core elements: Trillant, represented by the value token TRI, Trillion, represented by the stable token TRIL for payments, and Trillando, a shopping platform.

According to Trillant, their TRI token is positioned as the optimal choice for enhancing the value of personal assets, implying that engaging in the project could be a lucrative opportunity. Read this complete Trillant Review to know more about Trillant scam.


Website –

Address – Trust Company Complex Ajeltake Road Ajeltake Island, Majuro Republic of the Marshall Islands MH 96960

Warning – Financial Market Authority (Austria)

Domain Age – 

Date RegisteredDecember 26, 2017
Domain Age5 years, 6 months, 8 days, 17 hours, 26 minutes, 18 seconds


Reasons to Avoid Trillant 

Throughout our investigation into Trillant, we have come across significant warning signs that lead us to strongly advise against getting involved with this project. These red flags include associations with scams, alerts issued by financial regulators, and other concerning factors. In light of these findings, we recommend exercising extreme caution and staying away from Trillant.


No previous records 

Trillant lacks any substantial history as it is a newly established project. Although its domain was registered in 2017, it was previously utilized by a different entity. As recently as December of last year, the domain was available for sale, and the current version of Trillant only commenced in August 2022. Consequently, Trillant has no established track record and remains a relatively nascent undertaking. Furthermore, the project’s website is notably limited, lacking essential information. Exercise caution as Trillant attempts to solicit funds despite its lack of established credibility.


Lack of Information 

Trillant’s status as a newly established project is evident, and it raises concerns due to the absence of essential information typically provided by cryptocurrency ventures. Basic details, such as a whitepaper, team member profiles, code repositories, and information about their blockchain, are notably missing. This lack of substantiation raises doubts about the existence of a functional Trillant blockchain. Furthermore, the project fails to clearly articulate the specific problem they aim to solve and the approach they plan to take. The absence of these crucial details leaves potential investors with limited transparency and raises valid questions about the project’s legitimacy and viability.


Connection with Paraiba scam 

A concerning development we discovered is the migration of a known scam called Paraiba to Trillant. Essentially, Paraiba has rebranded itself as Trillant, which raises significant concerns. 

Paraiba was previously identified as a Ponzi scam and has been blacklisted by multiple financial regulators across various countries. The scam enticed investors with unsustainable returns, and as anticipated in our previous Paraiba review, it eventually collapsed, leaving users unable to receive their promised payments.


How does the Trillant scam work? 

After conducting a thorough analysis, we have concluded that Trillant has not provided essential information about its project, leading us to perceive it as a blatant attempt to acquire funds without substance or transparency. 

There is a noticeable absence of any tangible product associated with Trillant, and its referral structure raises concerns that it operates as yet another Ponzi scheme. Moreover, the fact that Trillant is accommodating victims of the previously failed scam Paraiba strongly suggests that it is merely a continuation of that fraudulent activity.

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Trillant Review: Conclusion 

Trillant has been linked to several scam platforms raising serious concerns about its legitimacy. It is alarming that Trillant fails to provide fundamental information about its project and lacks any evidence of a genuine product.

Due to these red flags, it is strongly recommended to steer clear of Trillant. The scheme it appears to be running bears the hallmarks of a typical Ponzi scheme, leading to an inevitable downfall. Protect your investments by avoiding involvement with this dubious project. 

If you discover that you have been scammed, it is of utmost importance to act quickly. Taking immediate action increases the chances of recovering your losses, preventing additional harm, and helping others who may have been targeted. To seek support in the process of recovering your funds, it is advisable to file a complaint on the Report Scam website. By completing a complaint form, you can avail yourself of a free consultation with our experts who specialize in fund recovery.

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