Overview of Trade Global Market Review:

Trade Global Market, like every other scam broker, claims to be the world’s leading brokerage firm with dedicated customers from all around the world. They also claim to tailor the account types according to the customers’ preferences. However irresistible this claim may seem, there is no proof whether the company actually does that. Read our detailed review on Trade Global Market to know more about the scam they are running behind this legitimate brokerage firm mask.

About Trade Global Market:

In this section, we will be specifically discussing all the demands and the offers met by Trade Global Market. We will also be going through the red flags posed in the working of Trade Global Market.

Trade Global Market Regulation:

Regulation should be the first and the most prioritized checkbox while looking for a brokerage firm to invest and trade with. These regulations are hard to get and will need the firm to adjust to several terms and conditions put down by the regulators. The scam brokers fail at this stage as this is not possible for them to abide by the rules with the intention of scamming people. A license also ensures that the regulators have the right to supervise the brokerage firms and therefore keep the money of the traders safe. In our case, Trade Global Market is unregulated. Neither does the company have any claims of regulation on their website nor have the top tier regulators listed the company under their regulations. This gives us our first red flag against the Trade Global Market scam in this Trade Global Market review.

Trade Global Market Demo Account and Trading conditions:

A Demo account proves to be very useful for traders who are new to a company and people who are new to the trading industry. A demo account also proves to be useful for watchdogs like us while reviewing a certain brokerage firm. As for TGM, the company does not offer a demo account to their customers. As weird as this may seem, this is a very common trait of scam brokers as they try to hide their motives. The lack of a demo account automatically bars us from knowing about the various trading conditions that Trade Global Market has. Therefore, this gives yet another red flag against the Trade Global Market scam in this Trade Global Market review.

Trade Global Market Terms and Conditions:

Upon going through the terms and conditions of the Trade Global Market, we found something that shocked us to the core. Trade Global Market states in its terms and conditions that the company has the right to deactivate your account and not pay you any of the money in the account. The company also states that they do not need to inform you beforehand for the same which is very harmful to the customers and a clear sign of a scam. This gives us the last and the major red flag against Trade Global Market in this Trade Global Market review.

Conclusion: Is it a Scam or Legit?

To sum up, all the points mentioned above, we can safely conclude that TGM is a complete scam. We request all our readers not to trade or invest with this scam broker.
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