Overview of Swissinv24 Review:

Swissinv24, like every other scam broker, claims to be a forex and CFD broker from Bulgaria. The brokerage firm offers trade in a variety of tradable instruments such as gold, silver, natural gas, etc. The brokerage firm also claims various other statements that make them look as if they are the best in this world. However, Swissinv24 is much different from what they showcase on their website. To know more about the real face of Swissinv24, read our detailed review of Swissinv24.

About Swissinv24:

In this section, we will be discussing all the offers and demands met by Swissinv24. We will also be discussing the various red flags that this company poses. 

Swissinv24 Regulations:

Even though on the website the company states to be operating from Bulgaria, we soon realized that Swissinv24 is clearly lying. Further down below, the company states that it is owned and operated by Swissinv24 Ltd. On further investigation, we realized that both the parent company and the company under review are registered on the Marshall Islands. It is pretty clear by now that Swissinv24 is not registered under any of the regulations. This is the first red flag against the Swissinv24 scam in this Swissinv24 review. You must always trade and invest with brokerage firms that have a license from top-tier regulators.

Swissinv24 Minimum Initial Deposit:

For every scam broker review, one of the major red flags appears while discussing the minimum initial deposit that is demanded by the company. The legitimate brokers do not or demand a very low minimum deposit such as 5 USD. However, in our case, Swissinv24 demands a minimum initial deposit of 500 USD. This is a very huge amount and a big red flag against the Swissinv24 scam.

Swissinv24 offers four different account types to their customers with varying minimum initial deposits. The Mini account demands a minimum deposit of 500 USD. The Standard Account demands a minimum deposit of 5001 USD whereas the Gold Account demands 10001 USD. The last account that is the Platinum Account demands a minimum deposit of 15001 USD. These deposits are far higher than absurd.

Swissinv24 Spreads:

The spreads offered by Swissinv24 just clear our suspicion of Swissinv24 being a scam and confirms it. In the demo account offered by Swissinv24, it is stated that Swissinv24 offers a spread of 1.8 to 1.9 pips which is still higher than that of the average spread offered by legitimate brokers. Furthermore, on the web-based platforms, it is stated that Swissinv24 offers a spread of 3 pips which is clearly absurd. This raises yet another red flag against the Swissinv24 scam in this Swissinv24 review.

Conclusion: Is it a Scam or Legit?

To sum up, all that has been said above, we can safely conclude that Swissinv24 is a clear scam. We request our readers to proceed with extreme caution if they are thinking of investing or trading with Swissinv24. If this Swissinv24 review was helpful, make sure to check out other scam broker and regulated broker reviews at our website. If you have been scammed by Swissinv24, report a complaint now and get fund recovery solutions instantly. 



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