The lockdown has increased our dependency on the internet. Be it, online classes, work from home or buying groceries, we rely on the internet for everything. The internet does prove to be a helpful aspect to keep ourselves safe and restrict outdoor time. However, the internet also proves to be hazardous as it tends to become the breeding ground for cybercriminals and scammers. Staying one step ahead of these scammers and reporting as soon as you fall prey to a scam are the best methods to steer clear of scams. Report Scam Australia assures to get to you at the earliest with the best solution possible to get your money back.

How do scams work?

Scams often occur through scam websites. These websites are illegal and are created for the sole purpose of stealing money or the personal information of innocent people. Scammers make use of the anonymity factor of the internet and exploit the innocent users of the World Wide Web. These cybercriminals lure their victims through various channels such as pop-up ads that redirect the user to the website, emails that contain a link to the website, scam website pop-ups on another illegal website, etc.

Most scam websites take advantage of the psychological thinking and make the victim work according to the scammer’s will. Sometimes, these websites might contain time-restricted offers which compel the user into executing the action without giving it a thought. The website may also promise you a mouth-watering deal such as high returns on a trade or a free electronic in return for your personal details and money. At Scam Reports Australia, we understand your concern and publish articles frequently to make you aware of the various scams running around the world.

The types of scams include:

  • One of the popular methods of scams is known as phishing. In this type of scam, the cybercriminals present fake scenarios while posing as a legit company or institution to get the personal details of the people. The scammers often pretend to be banks, online marketplaces, and email providers, etc. to reduce the suspicion. These scammers send an email or a message stating that there has been a problem in the last activity and ask for your details. We, at Report Scam Australia, publish various articles on such scammers and types of scams to make our readers aware of the threat they pose.


  • Another type of scam is known as malware scam websites. These are a pretty common and easy way for scammers to get your personal details. In such types of scams, an advertisement may pop up on the user’s phone or laptop stating that their device has been infected by malware and they need to download a certain file to get rid of the virus. The user would download the file in panic and thus, give access to their personal information to the scammer.


How to identify scams?

  • The scam websites might be filled with grammar errors and spelling mistakes.
  • The quality of the website will be poor and not up to standards.
  • Lack of contact information or email.
  • The websites might be illegal thus; a lot of inappropriate ads may pop up.

What to do if scammed?

In case you have fallen victim to any such scams, report them with us immediately. Report Scams Australia will tend to the complaint and get back to you at the earliest with the best solution possible. We at, Report Scams Australia, will not only help you in getting your money back but will also help you in staying one step ahead of the scammers.





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