You are at your home in a beautiful and exotic location. A beautiful 2 storied house on the beachside and you are sitting with your loved one/s. With no stress in mind, you are all set to enjoy the retired life and sip coconut water straight out of a coconut. Has this ever been your dream plan after retirement? If yes, then you must read this article where we narrate the story of many innocent people who had the same dream, acted upon it, and ended up losing a collective amount of $100 million.

What actually happened?

“The biggest real estate scam involving property that has ever been investigated”, is what the Federal Trade Commission had to say about this seemingly normal Caribbean Resort Development plan that had gained a lot of investors in a very short span of time. The scammers behind this have stolen an approximate amount of $100 million from almost over 1000 buyers. Thousands of people with a dream of a decent home and a happy retired life were scammed in broad daylight.

One of the scam victims who is a business owner states their personal loss to amount up to $310,000+. They also reported that they have been in contact with other victims who had invested all of their life savings into this scam and are left with nothing now. The FTC has moved to the court regarding this issue and seeks a notice to shut down the Caribbean Sanctuary Resort project.

More about the Project:

The Caribbean sanctuary project is claimed to be spread across an area of 14,000 acres in the exotic Caribbean coast of Belize. They invaded the market through clever marketing techniques. The scammers pitched in their advertisement on top news channels such as Bloomberg News, Fox News, and other infomercials. They included an irresistible set of amenities such as fine dining, luxury hotel, shops, and everything one could imagine at the comfort of an exotic location which includes an airstrip. Convinced by this and in the hope of making their dreams come true, many people purchased the lots which were priced at $150000 to $500000 without even caring to physically investigate the location.

FTC’s Approach:

In order to get to the bottom of this major scam, the FTC conducted an undercover operation and behaved like people interested in buying the plots. Upon digging a little, they found out that this whole scam is run by Andris Pukke. Pukke is a convicted felon for various scams before this real estate property scam. The FTC warns people from investing in such real estate projects without actually researching them.

How can we help you?

If you have been scammed by any such scammer who claimed to be a real estate agent or by a scam broker in the trade industry, you must know that there is no need to be embarrassed. You deserve your money back. File a complaint with us right now and we will help you get out of this mess. Report now and save your funds!


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