Are you planning to trade with R24 Capital and invest your money? Report Scam suggests you to read this R24 Capital Review first.

R24 Capital is positioned as an international broker that is well-known and deserving of your trust. Although the trading conditions appear favorable, we do not advise doing business with them. They provide access to a variety of foreign exchange pairs and CFDs. Above all, R24 Capital does not have a license and falsely represents itself as having a US license. Discover all you need to discover about this fraudulent broker by reading the entire review.

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 Address – O307A-DEIRA TOWER, AL REGA P.O.Box 1451, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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About R24 Capital

R24Capital professes to be situated in Delaware, USA, and yet claims that its establishment is in the UAE. As a result, it is unknown where R24 Capital operates. Furthermore, the trading conditions of this broker do not appear to be favorable. R24 Capital Group is working from the domain, which doesn’t seem to have existed for an extensive period.

R24 Capital MT4 trading platform is the main thing they offer, with 60 different trading instruments across four resource classes.

R24 Capital Review: Regulation status

As per their site, the broker holds a license from the NFA, implying that the broker is regulated in the USA. But the NFA database doesn’t contain any proof of the supposed enlistment. All in all, R24 Capital is lying on its site and anticipating that investors should trust them. The justification behind lying is that they need to earn your trust and scam you all the while.

R24 Capital Review: Minimum deposit, spread, and leverage

Other than this, R24 Capital is requesting a base deposit of $500. This is very high and unreasonable, particularly in this age where other brokers will acknowledge anything beginning with $10.

As far as spreads, the broker offers 1.8 pips for the EURUSD pair. In some parts of their site, the broker is promoting spreads beginning at 0 pips. It’s difficult to tell where reality lies.

According to their website, the greatest leverage they offer is 1:200, whereas other great forex agents will present you with 1:500.

R24 Capital Review: Withdrawal issue

Withdrawals must be accomplished through a wire transfer. There are no fund transfer charges, yet it is good to be a bit careful.

Avoid R24Capital for trading; otherwise, you will lose your money. To see more such brokers involved in scam activities, check our list of scam brokers 2023.

Why is it not good to trade with R24 Capital?


The first red flag for this broker is its location. The fact that the broker claims to be licensed in the United States but operates from the United Arab Emirates is a red flag.

Additionally, the broker is not famous, as trading with renowned brokers is safe. Another stunt that these con artists use is using phony support identifications that give the impression of value, consumer loyalty, and notoriety. Those identifications are not underwriting, but rather a marketing ploy.

R24 Capital Review: Is R24 Capital legit or a scam?

It is clear from this R24 Capital review that this broker is not reliable for trading.

There’s no distinction between this representative and some other dubious scam brokers on the web. There are better financial service providers out there that can give you good returns as long as possible.

Are you a victim of the R24 Capital scam? Get Help

If you are a victim of the R24 Capital scam, the best solution recommended for getting your lost money back is to contact Report Scam Community. You just have to file a complaint by filling up the form above and our team will contact you. Report Scam Report Scam provides free consultation and anyone can register by filling out a very short complaint form.

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