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PrimeXQ Review

PrimeXQ Review 2022

Overview of PrimeXQ review:

PrimeXQ claims to be an online trading broker with several years of experience in the field. It offers or claims to offer various tradable instruments such as commodities, stocks, gold, indices, etc. However, despite keeping a good image on their website, PrimeXQ failed to win our trust. Read this review on the PrimeXQ scam and we will tell you why PrimeXQ is a scam broker.

About PrimeXQ:

This section of the PrimeXQ review covers all the demands and offers met by PrimeXQ. We will also be explaining all the red flags that this scam broker poses.

PrimeXQ Regulation:

On their website, PrimeXQ claims that the company is owned by PrimeXQ Ltd. They also claim that the parent company is situated in Austria. This seemed like their only plan and a little short-lived too because a little research into the claimed parent company revealed that PrimeXQ Ltd. belongs to the Austrian Branch of Citibank International Plc. Furthermore, it was no surprise that the brokerage firm in review, PrimeXQ, has no relation to any of these companies. From this, it is clear that PrimeXQ does not have a license from any of the regulations in the world.
Another fact about PrimeXQ that was obvious is that the Financial Conduct Authority or the FCA blacklisted PrimeXQ and issued a warning against the broker stating that the citizens of the UK should be cautious while trading with PrimeXQ. This is the first red flag against PrimeXQ in this PrimeXQ review.

PrimeXQ Demo Accounts and false information:

PrimeXQ tried to play a cheap trick and trick the customers into falling victim to their ugly scam. On their website, PrimeXQ has a section where they describe the tools and spreads offered. Under this segment, PrimeXQ claims to offer the spread of 3 pips on EUR/USD for all account types. At the same time, the company states that they offer 1 pip on EUR/USD for all the accounts on the same website in another section. Upon trying the demo account offered by the scam broker to the new customers and traders who want to join, we saw that the broker offers 0.7 pips on EUR/USD. This information is highly misleading and a desperate attempt at scamming innocent traders. This is yet another red flag against the PrimeXQ scam in this PrimeXQ review which makes it pretty obvious that this broker has ill intentions.

PrimeXQ Minimum Initial Deposit and deposit methods:

PrimeXQ demands a minimum initial deposit of 500 USD. This is a very high number for a broker to demand. The high initial deposit raises yet another red flag against the PrimeXQ scam in this review. Furthermore, another red flag against the company is the fact that PrimeXQ only allows customers to deposit money through credit cards. This is very strange and indicates that PrimeXQ is a possible scam broker.

Conclusion: Is it a Scam or Legit?

In order to sum up all that has been discussed above, we can safely conclude that PrimeXQ is a scam broker. We do not encourage our readers to trade or invest with this company. If you have been scammed by PrimeXQ, report now and get instant solutions for fund recovery.

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