Overview of OptionField Review :

Scam brokers try a million ways to trick innocent customers and steal their hard-earned money. They opt for ways such as procuring numbers from the dark web, lying about regulation, cloning legitimate firms, etc. to achieve their aim. Along with this, they further showcase on their website with their baseless lies that they are the best brokerage firms out there. One such scam broker is OptionField. OptionField claims to be a brokerage firm that offers binary trading options to its dedicated customers worldwide. Along with this lie of being the best in the industry, OptionField has neatly stacked various others too. Read our detailed review on the OptionField scam to know more about this.

About OptionField:

In this section, we specifically discuss all the demands and offers made by OptionField. We will also be putting up the red flags wherever necessary.

OptionField Regulation:

OptionField claims to be owned and operated by another company of the same name, OptionField Ltd. Despite the striking similarity in the names, OptionField wants us to believe that all they claim is legit. Furthermore, OptionField states that the brokerage firm is located in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. As St. Vincent and Grenadines is an offshore zone, it is clear that OptionField is an unregulated broker. This raises the first red flag against the OptionField scam in this OptionField review.

OptionField Founders and Contacts:

For a company that claims to be on top of the game, it is unsaid that we would expect the company to list their address and details about the company. Any legitimate broker would have no problems in listing their contact details and information about their founders on their website. However, OptionField does not list contact information or any information about the team of OptionField. This is suspicious and raises yet another red flag against the OptionField scam.

OptionField Terms and Conditions:

One of the necessary things that people must follow while looking for a brokerage firm to invest in is to read the terms and conditions. The reason behind this is that most of the time, the scam brokers alter the terms and conditions in order to trick the customers into the trap. As most of us do not read the whole of terms and conditions before accepting, we fall for it. In the case of OptionField, the company does not reveal its trading conditions as well as other terms to the public. This might be yet another one of their tricks to hide the scam.

OptionField Minimum Deposits, Leverages, and Spreads:

OptionField demands a minimum deposit of 100 USD. This is a very high deposit as compared to the average of 5 to 10 USD. This raises yet another red flag against the OptionField scam. OptionField yet again reveals no information about the leverages and spreads on their website. This is suspicious as legitimate brokers would not go for this trick.

Conclusion: Is it a Scam or Legit?

To sum up, all that has been said above, we can safely conclude that OptionField is a complete scam. We request you not to trade with this broker and waste your money. If you have been scammed by OptionField, report now and get instant solutions for fund recovery.


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