Overview of online shopping scams:

Out of all the ways that have been adapted into our daily lives as more or less a routine is online shopping. Even though online shopping was prevalent before the pandemic as well, the pandemic secured a permanent place for online shopping within our lives. However, all the online sellers are not legitimate. Unfortunately, scams have entered this market as well and attempt to scam innocent individuals who buy things off the internet. Read on to find out more about how online shopping scams work and how you can avoid them.

How do these online shopping scams work?

When it comes to online shopping scams, the scammers make use of the latest technology and create real-looking fake websites. They will make use of their technical advantages and create legitimate-looking designs and website layouts to trick people. These scam brokers may even steal the IP address of some legitimate website along with their registration number and use it as their own.

The first and foremost step that these scam brokers will inculcate on their website to attract customers is to advertise products that are categorized as luxurious and expensive. They will claim to sell these products at a price too low to make them irresistible to the public. Falling into this trap, the people will place their orders for luxurious clothing, jewelry, or gadgets at an insanely cheap rate. How do these scams end up? The poor customers who paid for the products either receive a fake product or receive nothing at all.

The other sign to look out for is to see the mode of payment that the retailer is asking for. If they ask for pre-paid options or wire transfers in the case of these products, chances are that you will not even be able to retrieve your money back.

How do know if it’s an online shopping scam?

> If a certain commodity is listed at a price much lower than its retail price.
> If the product is listed along with a description of its endless benefits that sounds unrealistic.
> If the retailer insists on a specific type of payment and that too as soon as possible.
> If it is on social media, look out whether the handle is very new and sell the products at a very low rate. Also, check whether the pictures of the items listed are copied off the internet.
> If the seller is not revealing vital information such as return policy, terms and conditions, etc.

How can we help?

We are a group of experienced individuals with adequate knowledge about scammers and their work. As the top-tier regulators can’t watch over all the scam brokers, we act as the financial watchdogs and publish reviews of the scam brokers to keep you safe. If you have been scammed by such an online shopping scammer, make sure you file a complaint. We assure you of quick replies with the best possible solutions for fund recovery. If you find this review helpful, make sure to leave a comment and share it with your loved ones. For more reviews, visit our website.


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