Novopus Review: Introduction

Novopus asserts its legitimacy in providing financial services and products for forex trading, showcasing certificates purportedly issued by the Colorado Secretary of State and the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN). While we did identify corresponding data on the former’s website, the absence of Novopus in the FinCEN register raises concerns.

Read this complete Novopus review to know why we add this broker to our scam broker 2023 page. This suggests the possibility that the broker employs a mix of accurate and deceptive information, potentially misleading investors.

Website –

Address – United States

Regulation – National Futures Association (NFA), Suspicious Clone

Novopus Review: Warning – Not Recommended By Review Website Like Report Scam

Is Novopus legit or a scam?

Novopus asserts its affiliation with the National Futures Association (NFA), but upon verification, it becomes apparent that the claimed license is, in fact, a duplicate. In essence, Novopus lacks regulation from any legitimate regulatory authority, indicating that engaging in trading activities with this broker comes with an elevated risk level.

Fundamentally, Novopus operates without regulation from any overseeing authority. Placing investors’ funds with this broker carries significant risks, given the absence of legal safeguards to protect those funds. Without a doubt, it can be unequivocally classified as a scam.

Novopus Review: Trading Platform

Novopus provides its exclusive trading platform, separate from the widely used MT4 or MT5 platforms. Notably, Novopus’s platform is exclusively accessible through a mobile application. Traders must download the mobile app to access and employ the trading platform.

It’s essential to acknowledge that this sole reliance on a mobile interface might present a minor inconvenience for traders accustomed to web-based trading platforms.

Novopus Review: Trading Conditions

Novopus introduces a referral bonus initiative, enabling users to earn rewards by inviting friends to join the platform. Additionally, Novopus extends educational support through the “Novopus Other Problems” section, offering valuable information and assistance to traders.

However, certain limitations should be taken into account. Novopus exclusively deals with cryptocurrencies as tradable assets, potentially limiting the options for traders seeking a broader range. Furthermore, the platform lacks information on maximum leverage and spreads, presenting a challenge for traders in evaluating both trading costs and associated risks.

Red flags against Novopus

The customer support at Novopus is confined to email, which could lead to delays in receiving responses. Additionally, there is a dearth of information regarding account types and deposit/withdrawal specifics, potentially hindering traders from making well-informed decisions. Lastly, Novopus does not provide access to the widely used MT4/MT5 trading platforms, which might be a drawback for traders accustomed to the features and functionalities of these platforms.

Negative reviews and Complaints

Specific details of Novopus negative customer reviews may vary, but a common thread appears to be dissatisfaction with the platform’s customer support. Users have reported challenges in obtaining timely responses, with the limited customer service channel being restricted to email. Some express frustration over the lack of transparency regarding account types and deposit/withdrawal details, highlighting a potential hindrance in making informed decisions.

Additionally, the absence of the popular MT4/MT5 trading platforms has garnered criticism from traders accustomed to these widely-used and feature-rich platforms. These negative reviews collectively underscore concerns about communication, transparency, and the platform’s compatibility with traders’ preferences and expectations.

Novopus Review: Conclusion

Novopus claims to provide regulated trading, a mobile app with user-friendly features, referral incentives, and educational materials. Nevertheless, it’s important to weigh certain limitations, including a restricted range of assets, limited customer support channels, the absence of regulatory oversight, and the non-availability of the popular MT4/MT5 platforms.

If you find yourself a victim of the Novopus scam, it is crucial to take action by initiating a dispute and requesting a chargeback. Complete a complaint form on our website to access a free consultation from our experts who specialize in the fund recovery process.

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