NortheStar is one of the numerous network marketing firms operating in the wellness and healthcare market. A lot of talks have been generated about this new multilevel marketing organization due to its allegedly profitable products.

In this NortheStar review, we’ll investigate more closely at NortheStar to see what it has to offer, whether you can believe its products, and whether this MLM is legitimate.

What is NortheStar?

NortheStar is a direct-selling nutrition company that claims to focus on making products that are good for your health and weight.

The company does not share a headquarters address, however, Nevada and Texas are mentioned in its regulations and procedures.
NortheStar’s regulatory declarations refer to the Delaware entity Northe Star LLC. On June 23, 2021, NortheStar secretly registered the domain name “” for its website.

Their website states that they strive to reach their chosen destination in life with our innovative products and an unequaled chance for their affiliates and clients.

Customers can buy items directly from the Northe Star website, but the company’s affiliates are its main way of getting the word out and maybe its biggest source of sales. They were hired as commission-only marketers to market Northe Star goods.

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NortheStar products and compensation plan

A variety of nutritional supplements are sold by NortheStar. The product suppliers of NortheStar are not specifically mentioned. The NortheStar website lists Stellar X, Pandora, and Polaris as supplements. For $11.95, a shaker bottle with the NortheStar logo is also offered.

For retail purchases made by affiliates who have been recruited, NortheStar pays commissions.

Unilevel teams are used to distribute commissions, and rank-based bonuses are also available.

Retail and residual commission

Affiliates of NortheStar receive commissions on retail consumers’ purchases of products. When figuring out retail commissions, 50% of the number of retail orders that come in is used.

NortheStar uses a uni-level pay plan to pay residual commissions. New affiliates brought on by any level 1 affiliates are added to the original affiliate’s uni-level team at level 2.

Level 2 affiliates are promoted to level 3 if they add new affiliates, and so on down a theoretically endless number of levels.

Remaining commissions are limited by NortheStar to 10 uni-level team levels.

Residual commissions are given as a percentage of the number of sales made across these ten tiers, based on the rank of the person.

How NortheStar attract customers to earn profit?

NortheStar provides two primary revenue streams.

To start making money, you can first offer NortheStar products to retail clients and do so by taking advantage of the pricing difference between wholesale and retail.

The second technique is finding new affiliates who make purchases and begin to make money with the NortheStar incentive plan.

NortheStar review conclusion

The owners of NortheStar spent a lot of time on the business, and it shows in the end product. After dominating Digital Profit for one month, they introduced NortheStar.

The business sells normal MLM nutritional items with an unidentified source of origin. Although not blatantly objectionable, NortheStar’s remuneration structure is conducive to pyramid hiring. Retail is certainly feasible, however, there is a very obvious undertone of joining up, getting on auto-ship, and attracting others who do the same.

When you jump into MLM trading bot securities fraud schemes head-first, chances of loss frequently occur.
Most participants in pyramid schemes will lose money, according to the math behind the pyramid.

After reading this NortheStar review, it is clear that there is a chance of money loss. Take advantage of our free consultation service if you’re sick of scams and looking for a genuine way to earn money online.

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