As the investors and traders are actively involved in trade activities in order to earn profit and income, there are several scam brokers operating freely in the market resulting in the loss of the investor’s funds. Various professional-looking websites convince the users to trade with them and later on shut down with no clue of their existence and investors’ money. Let us go through one of the brokers, Muyan66 review to learn about the scam activities in which they are involved.



Muyan66 Review-


Muyan66 was a popular website on the internet among people. Whereas the status of its registration and the legal license is not clear, making the investors and users suspicious about its legitimacy. After being popular for some time, the internet server of Muyan66 is down and the website is not working now. There is no clue regarding what lead to the sudden closure of the website and the disappearance of the relevant authorities. The investors and users are now worried regarding the existence of the Muyan66 broker and the inability to contact the concerned authorities.


Let us have a look at the detailed information regarding the Muyan66’s working, registration, user reviews, etc.


Working of Muyan66-


Muyan66 was a newly introduced website. It claimed its users and clients that it will help them to earn free USDT every 1 hour. To start surfing, the user needs to register through their phone number. After you are registered with them, you can easily create your account with them and create your strong and secure password. You will then receive a security captcha, that you need to enter in order to get your account activated. After activating the account, you will come across the two sections inside the app. These two parts, as mentioned on their website are considered to be the main areas from where you can earn USDT. The first one is Daily Mining and the second being virtual trading.


The website of Muyan66 lets you add the withdrawal address so that you can easily withdraw your earned income. Users are required to click on the profile picture and then tap on Withdraw in order to add the address. Here, the users will find out TR20 addresses available for them. They just need to copy and paste it into the tab that shows add withdrawal address. And now, you can easily withdraw if you have the required available balance. The website of Muyan66 encourages you to double-check the TR20 address before you add it to the Tether App because if any mistake is done, the users will not receive any amount.


Registration and User Reviews-


The registration of Muyan66 is not clear which clearly states the unprofessional working of the broker. Also, several complaints have been registered by the users stating it is a scam because it is a suspicious betting game that got people’s attention along with the inability of the investors to get their funds back. It is stated and concluded by the investors that the website was not legitimate and have defrauded them. Also, several users have posted complaints and reviews regarding the Muyan66 scam on several online platforms.


Is Muyan66 Scam or Legit?


Although Muyan66 was quite popular for so long, there is no evidence of the website and users fund now stating is clearly that it is a scam broker. Various user reviews stating their concerns regarding the funds are mentioned on several websites. Although various scams are existing in the market, it is always advisable for the investors to make sure they are dealing with a trusted site that does not get shut down suddenly. By going through all the points mentioned in this article, it can be concluded that the Muyan66 scam tricked thousands of users.

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