Is Lite Forex Pro legit or a scam? Learn more in the detailed Lite Forex Pro review.

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A shady company called Lite Forex Pro is trying to get traders to believe that they don’t need a license to trade Forex. When they say they are waiting for authorization, they even include the term misunderstanding, which is illogical because Forex brokers can officially provide their services after getting authorization. They won’t accept customers if they don’t have a license.

If you considering trading and investing with Lite Forex Pro,  Report Scam recommends that you first read this Lite Forex Pro Review.

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Is Lite Forex Pro regulated?

Lite Forex Pro says it is linked to the United Kingdom’s Cryptopay Limited, Sweden’s Agenta Investment Management AB, and Canada’s 1832 Asset Management L.P. The broker claims to have licenses from the FI and FCA based on this alleged collaboration.

We have found no links between these companies and Lite Forex Pro after conducting an in-depth investigation. So, you aren’t protected by any rules, and if something goes wrong, you can’t get your money back, no matter what the authority says.

Also, according to FCA, Lite Forex Pro is a clone of an FCA-regulated company.

Trading conditions of Lite Forex Pro

The terms of trade for Lite Forex Pro are unknown. Lite Forex Pro does not disclose any information regarding leverage or spreads. The only information provided is that cryptocurrencies and forex are accessible investment opportunities for trading, which is also unprovable.

Lite Forex Pro deposit and withdrawal issue

Lite Forex Pro’s minimum investment demand of $10,000 is completely excessive. Many legitimate brokers have similar restrictions, but they are licensed and authorized, and they usually offer better trading software and a variety of other trading systems. Lite Forex Pro is not comparable to those legit brokers.

Except for the promise that withdrawal applications are fulfilled within 3 to 5 days, there is little information concerning withdrawals and fees. Lite Forex Pro has been proven to be a fraud, so withdrawals should not be anticipated under any circumstances.

Is it possible to trade with the Lite Forex Pro demo account?

The demo account of Lite Forex Pro is theoretically available. Unfortunately, a referral code is required to join it.

In general, the investment company is not a reliable source of financial services, with or without a demo account.

Lite Forex Pro Review: Final Thoughts

We don’t see any reason to trade with Lite Forex Pro based on the services, strategies, and variety of markets they offer. Its trading attributes do not gear towards both short- and long-term traders’ convenience. Therefore, if you desire serious trading, we suggest you avoid this broker.

Scammed by Lite Forex Pro? Get help

If you are a victim of the Lite Forex Pro scam, you have a chance to get help. Report Scam has been dealing with these kinds of cases and helping people who have been scammed for a long time. If you fall victim to the Lite Forex Pro scam, file a complaint. Also, schedule a free consultation so we can figure out the best way to get your things back.

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