Overview of Kapitalfx Review:

Scams are common. Just like every other profit-making place, scams have also entered the finance industry and targeting innocent traders who are in search of a side-time profit-making way. These scam brokers take advantage of the anonymity factor of the internet and target unsuspecting traders. One such scam broker is Kapitalfx. Kapitalfx claims to be the world’s leading forex and CFD broker with dedicated customers all around the world. If you are thinking of trading or investing with Kapitalfx, STOP and read this review first. If you think this review might help someone, share it with them. Read on to know about the Kapitalfx scam.

About Kapitalfx:

This section covers the breaking down of the offers and demands met by Kapitalfx. We will also be pointing out the red flags associated with these problematic offers and demands.

Kapitalfx Regulations:

Although Kapitalfx claims to be regulated by top-tier regulators on their website, we know that this is a very usual act by the scam brokers to falsely claim that they have a license from the said regulators. This is done to attract unsuspecting traders into this dangerous scam. On their website, Kapitalfx has given the contact address that traces back to Germany. If that is the case, then Kapitalfx must be regulated by the regulator of Germany, the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority or BaFin. However, when we checked with the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority, we didn’t find any of Kapitalfx. Therefore, it is clear that the company does not have a license from any of the regulators. This raises the first red flag against the Kapitalfx scam in this review.

Kapitalfx Deposit and Withdrawal Conditions:

Yet another weird fact about Kapitalfx is their clear showcasing of blatant lies on their website. Kapitalfx claims on their website that they accept various different deposit and withdrawal methods. However, in their terms and conditions, Kapitalfx states that withdrawals can only be done through bank transfers. Furthermore, Kapitalfx also has various restrictions for the customers who want to deposit using credit cards. All this makes it clear that Kapitalfx is clearly trying to scam the traders. This raises yet another red flag against the Kapitalfx scam in this Kapitalfx review.

Kapitalfx Trading Platform:

Regarding the trading platform, Kapitalfx does not fail in making it clear that this is a scam broker. Kapitalfx claims that it provides Metatrader 4 or MT4 as their trading software. We found out after a little research that what the company claims as MT4 is actually provided by another party known as Sky Hub. Now, this is not usual and therefore is a red flag against the Kapitalfx scam in this Kapitalfx review.

Conclusion: Is it a scam or legit?

In order to sum up all that has been said above, we can safely conclude that Kapitalfx is a complete scam. We request our readers not to trade with this scam broker and if doing so, please maintain utmost caution. If you have been scammed by Kapitalfx, there is no need to be ashamed. File a complaint now and get an instant reply with solutions to recover your funds.


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