An Unbiased InCruises Review

In this post, we will provide an unbiased InCruises review, a travel and hospitality-based MLM company that offers a premier cruise membership club. We’ll start by giving an overview of InCruises, including details about their products and compensation plan.

About InCruises 

InCruises is a direct-selling company that was founded in 2015 and is based in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico. The founders and CEOs of InCruises are Michael T. Hutchison and Frank J. Codina. The company claims to have more than 50 new ships planned for the next 10 years and aims to have 35 million people cruising by 2025. However, they have not disclosed the total number of cruises they currently offer.

In reality, InCruises is an intermediary service provider that operates an MLM compensation plan to gather customers for cruise companies. As a result, they do not have retail products and only provide commissions through affiliate recruitment.

How to Join InCruises?

In order to become a part of InCruises, you can register as a Member, Partner or a Partner Member. 

  • For $100 per month, Members receive 200 Cruise Credits. These credits can be used to book cruise vacations, but cannot be utilized all at once.
  • For an activation fee of $195 and an annual renewal fee of $95, you’ll gain access to the back office and some useful tools. 
  • Partners can also join the Independent Partner Program and earn commissions by referring others who purchase memberships.

Exploring InCruises’ Offerings

Rather than selling physical products, InCruises offers cruise memberships as the cornerstone of its business model. Affiliates can earn commissions by marketing these memberships to others.

InCruises prides itself on providing an accessible, affordable, and profitable cruise experience to millions of individuals globally. However, there are some unanticipated drawbacks to be aware of, which we will outline below.

InCruises: A Closer Look at its Compensation Plan and Membership

 InCruises operates on the premise that members must continually pay for cruise rides. However, it appears that at the time of withdrawal, not all credits can be redeemed. This system resembles a pyramid scheme, which is a suspicious MLM opportunity. InCruises relies on third-party cruise cabin providers to offer better prices and provide double credit, but these credits cannot be utilized fully within five years. Joining this membership is not worthwhile, as it traps individuals in a cycle of credit withdrawal. 

Furthermore, partnering with InCruises is questionable, as its compensation plan is structured much like a pyramid scheme. Nearly 95% of partners will probably lose their money due to joining and membership fees, with less than 1% of partners reaping the most profits.

Reclaiming Lost Funds from InCruises 

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