There is an extremely serious level of hazard implied in exchanging protections. There is a considerable amount of risk with an increment of fraud Forex brokers, fraud Cryptocurrency brokers, and other fraud brokers in the market. It ought not to be expected that the strategies and methods introduced by these brokers are productive, or they won’t bring about misfortunes. It is better to check our scam broker 2022 list before investing your money and keep your money safe from fraud brokers. 

Read Impressive Area Review to know if this broker is legitimate or a scam.

Introduction to Impressive Area Review:

Despite a name that literally shouts Impressiveness, this brokerage firm displays no impressive offers, advantages, or acts. Claiming to be one of the best, like every other brokerage firm, Impressive Area also states that they provide a lot of services to potential customers from all around the world. However, Impressive Area does not even reveal where their office is located at. Upon conducting an investigation, we found many red flags raised against the Impressive Area that points us to the reality of the Impressive Area scam. If you are here with the intention of knowing whether Impressive Area is a scam broker or a legitimate one, read the full review to know more.

Name: Impressive Area
Address: Not Disclosed
Leverage Offered: 1:200
Minimum Initial Regulation: $250
Rating: 1/5

About Impressive Area:

In this section of the Impressive Area review, we will be discussing all the red flags raised that point us to the Impressive Area scam. Stay tuned to know more.


On their website, Impressive Area claims to be regulated and fit to offer its services. However, upon cross-checking on the internet and with the regulatory authorities, we found out that the Impressive Area is actually UNREGULATED and they are clearly lying to fool the innocent customers. This raises a red flag against the Impressive Area in this Impressive Area review. We warn you to never trade with any brokerage firm that is unregulated.


Leverage is directly associated with the risk of the trader losing all of their money. The Impressive Area offers leverage of 1:500 to their customers in an attempt to tempt them into investing money. However, we must let you know that one should never take an offer that comes with huge leverage as it increases your chance of losing the trade. This raises a red flag for the Impressive Area scam in this review.


The minimum initial deposit is yet another parameter that is generally asked in very small amounts by brokerage firms. However, breaking this norm in order to fool the customers and extort their money, Impressive Area demands a minimum initial deposit of $250. This is a huge amount as compared to what the regulated brokerage firms demand. This raises another red flag against the Impressive Area scam in this Impressive Area review.

Conclusion: Is Impressive Area a scam broker or a legitimate broker?

To sum up, all that has been stated above in the Impressive Area review, we leave it upon you to decide whether Impressive Area is a scam broker or a legitimate one. However, we must warn you to steer clear of the Impressive Area as it is unregulated and therefore, a potential threat. If you have been scammed by the Impressive Area, file a complaint with us and we will assist you in the fund recovery. To read more about scams, read our latest review on Online Shopping Scams.

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