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Read HerbsPro Review to know if this broker is legitimate or a scam.

Introduction to HerbsPro review:

HerbsPro claims to be the leading online retailer with 50000+ products listed for the customers to order from the comfort of their houses. Specializing in areas such as herbal cosmetic items, dietary supplements, vitamins, and minerals. With a wide variety of categories and their “guaranteed” lowest prices, it is only reasonable for anyone to be drawn towards HerbsPro. In this HerbsPro review, we will be telling you some of the disadvantages of purchasing with HerbsPro. If you are a regular customer at HerbsPro or are planning to turn to Herbs Pro for monthly groceries, you must read this review!

About HerbsPro:

In this section of the HerbsPro.com review, we will be highlighting some of the red flags that we found out to be problematic. 


Despite being in the market for more than 15 years, the first red flag that we identified against HerbsPro is that the owner of the company is availing services to hide their information online. Hiding the information of the company that is vital for the public to know definitely points at something fishy. 


Another aspect that we found problematic about HerbsPro is that despite the company presenting itself as the best at its job, most of the public platforms are flooded with negative reviews about HerbsPro. The main problem that many customers seem to be writing about is that the ordered goods do not arrive even after 60 days of ordering.

The customer support number does not help either as they rarely attend to the calls. Another user shares their experience online stating that HerbsPro.com sells products that might not be advantageous for the customers and can also pose harm. Selling such goods without warnings and not sticking to a proper delivery system gives us two other red flags against HerbsPro in this Herbs Pro review. 


Another shocking revelation we had while going through the website and all the products listed on HerbsPro is that many products can be listed by scammers. Various goods listed on their website are those that have been misused by scammers over the past years. This means that if you order such items, there is a fair chance that you might be ordering from a scammer and end up losing all of your money even while purchasing from HerbsPro’s website. This is a major red flag as HerbsPro should make sure that its customers are safe and purchasing authentic products. 

Conclusion: Is HerbsPro a scam or legitimate?

From the above-discussed red flags, it is clear that despite being in the industry for a long period of time, HerbsPro doesn’t provide a safe environment for their customers to enjoy the shopping experience and stick to an optimal delivery system. Keeping in consideration all the red flags mentioned above, what do you think? Is HerbsPro a scam or a legitimate company? Let us know in the comments below! 

If you have had a similar experience with HerbsPro scam, share it with us! To read more such reviews about scams, stay tuned to ReportScams!

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