Global Coin Review: Is it a Scam? 

If you’re curious about what a scam looks like, just take a glance at the Global Coin broker. The website is poorly designed, basic trading conditions are hidden, and the overall impression is that it’s best to steer clear of it. To learn more about the scheme read this Global Coin review for accurate information.

Website –

Address – NA

Warned By – Ontario Securities Commission (Ontario)

Is a legitimate trading company? 

Unfortunately, the Global Coin Forex brand’s owner remains unknown. Therefore, it is challenging to determine who is behind the scam. The website lacks information about legal jurisdiction, headquarters, or governing laws. The company may operate from any offshore country or “boiler room,” making it difficult to trace. Despite claiming to be one of the best online trading brokers with over ten years of experience, Global Coin does not possess the proper license to support its statement.

We went through the Tier 1 regulators but found no evidence of Global Coin’s regulation. From this, we can conclude that this is a well-organized cyber fraud.

In summary, Global Coin is a fraudulent trading company that operates without appropriate financial regulation. The broker does not list its owner or legal jurisdiction, making it an untrustworthy firm to deal with.


This broker is one of the many that keep their legal documents under wraps, most likely because they’re not authorized. By not discussing their licensing, some users may assume that it’s just a less forthcoming broker. However, clients would be mistaken in thinking so.

Firstly, the absence of licensing means that there is no actual license, not that they are choosing to be modest. All brokers must have a license, and it must be visible. has no licensing presence.

Moreover, there is no proof of registration either, which means that this broker is essentially anonymous, making it a huge risk for everyone, and definitely an unregulated entity.

Beware of Global Coin withdrawal fee scam

Not only does Global Coin charge high standard withdrawal fees, but they also impose unauthorized fees. They may even ask you to pay bank transfer commissions or taxes in advance, before approving a withdrawal request. This is illegal, as the relevant institutions charge these fees. If a brokerage charges trading commissions, it should come from the profit.

Do not trust any firm that requires payments from your bank account or credit card before allowing withdrawals.

What Can Victims of the scam do? – Don’t give up

Although the situation may seem dire, there is hope for recovering stolen funds.

If you or someone you know has fallen prey to a Global Coin scam, contact us for assistance. Report Scam has experience with similar cases and knows the best course of action to take. Our chargeback specialists offer a free consultation to assess your situation and begin the refund process as soon as possible. Time is of the essence when it comes to financial transactions.

Lastly, it is important to be cautious of recovery agents or agencies. These individuals or groups may be fraudulent and attempting to gain access to any remaining funds, or they may even be connected to the original brokerage scam. It is best to approach them with skepticism and do your research before engaging with them.

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