Geton Global Review: Reputable Crypto MLM or Big Scam?

A cryptocurrency startup called Geton Global says it can offer you a variety of income alternatives so you can achieve ultimate financial independence. Global’s business model is similar to that of many other MLM companies in the cryptocurrency industry.

Overview of Geton Global

Geton Global says that it is a global cryptocurrency company that can help clients mine cryptocurrency and trade it. Also, the organization is promoted on the website as a well-known brand in the cryptocurrency sector.

Geton Global’s registration date is August 2020. The website doesn’t say anything about who made the platform or who owns the company.

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How Can I Sign Up for Geton Global?

The business offers three primary bundles. You must enroll in either of the following packages if you want access to any type of earning opportunity:

  • The $60 Geton Global package
  • a $120 trading package
  • Costing $14800 is the Geton Trading Premium package.

There are no retail goods or services, as would be expected from this type of business. The company would rather you invest so that you can benefit from the way the company makes money.

Geton Global Review: Employer commissions

MLM businesses often use recruitment commissions as a way to make money because they help them reach a wide range of customers and attract investors of all types.

To divide up the associate recruitment fees, Geton Global employs a 59 matrix. Here is how this structure is broken down:

  • Members of Level 1 have access to 25 slots and 6% referral earnings.
  • Members at Level 2 have access to 125 vacancies and 5% referral earnings.
  • Members of the 3rd Level have access to 625 positions and 4% referral earnings.
  • Members at Level 4 have access to 3125 positions and 6% referral earnings.

This business model also demonstrates the company’s desire for you to keep making investments and sign up as many new members as you can to make a profit. But, you should not anticipate the company to generate any large earnings.

Concerns regarding Geton Global 

We do have the following issues and worries in particular:

  • Without offering any retail goods or services when operating an MLM business
  • No nation registrations that promise returns for members’ investments are visible

Businesses have been known to close because of these problems when they don’t have or don’t have these important things.

Geton Global Review: Conclusion

Geton Global has made a variety of statements that all point to the conclusion that it is yet another cryptocurrency scam that seeks your money before its impending collapse. The company is advertised on the website as a reputable platform. Yet, there is no reliable source that can attest to the company’s legitimacy.

Geton Global’s revenue model is also incredibly underwhelming. There isn’t any outside revenue coming in. Instead, the business is depending on affiliate investments and aggressively hiring new employees. To put it simply, Geton Global is a Ponzi scheme.

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