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Read Fundwise Capital Review to know if this broker is legitimate or a scam.

Introduction to Fundwise Capital Review:

Fundwise Capital, as the name suggests, is basically the helping man for small businesses and other people who are in need of funds. The company goes way and beyond to brag about itself on its website. However, there are some alarming red flags about Fundwise Capital that you must know of if you are intending to sign up with them for funding. If you have been scammed by Fundwise Capital, be sure to share your experience with us in the comments below. 

About Fundwise Capital:

In this section of the Fundwise Capital review, we will be discussing all the red flags that were hidden by Fundwise Capital. 


There is a famous saying that goes ‘first impression is the best impression’. The first look at Fundwise Capital’s website is utterly lousy. With a bunch of random stock images, the website development seems abrupt and incomplete in many aspects. The first impression from a website has much importance and no legitimate company will agree to such a downfall themselves. However, lousy websites are common among scammers as some of them do not go all the way and work with lousy websites. This gives us a major red flag against the Fundwise Capital scam in this Fundwise Capital review. 


Another weird offer that we came upon on their website was personalized help for those people who do not meet the requirements for the funding. Fundwise Capital promises to help these clients with their credit scores and funding. However, none of this is true. The offers provided by Fundwise Capital are nothing when compared to the same offers provided by the other companies in the market and therefore might be just another marketing gimmick. This gives us another red flag against the Fundwise Capital scam in this Fundwise Capital review. 


Yet another problematic aspect of Fundwise Capital is its commission fees. For being the middleman and helping small businesses and other enterprises get appropriate funding, Fundwise Capital demands a deposit of $500 and 9% of the funding that gets approved which is huge and completely unbelievable. This gives us another red flag in this Fundwise Capital review. 


Although Fundwise Capital claims to have faster approval and funding rates, in reality, the funding can take a lot of time. This can prove to be a major disadvantage for those who are in need of funding and short of time. 

Conclusion: Is Fundwise Capital really a scam or legitimate?

With high rates, fake promises and a lousy website, Fundwise Capital seems a little doubtful to us. To conclude this review, we leave the decision upon you to decide whether Fundwise Capital is a scam or a legitimate company. If you are a victim of Fundwise Capital scam, just fill the form given above this review and we will help you out by providing apt solutions to avail your money back. To read more such reviews, visit our website!

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