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Forex Macro Review

Forex Macro Review 2022

Overview of Forex Macro Review:

To get scammed is one of the worst thoughts one can have while investing money in the trading sector. However, without the right knowledge and precautions, scams will become an inevitable part of your life. Has it ever happened to you that you have been scammed by a company you trusted your money with? 

After receiving numerous complaints from our heartbroken clients of Forex Macro, we decided to investigate this company and publish a detailed review. If you have been scammed by Forex Macro or are looking forward to trading with Forex Macro, you MUST read this review till the end. 

About Forex Macro:

In this review, we will be discussing in detail all the red flags that indicate Forex Macro being a potential scam. We will also be giving explanations on why the offers and demands made by Forex Macro are problematic.

Forex Macro Regulations:

As all of you might know, the regulation is the most important aspect that all brokerage firms must have to be legitimate. However, due to the stringent rules that the regulations have set to kick the scammers out, the scam brokers fail to acquire a license. In our case, Forex Macro does not mention anywhere on their website that the company is regulated. This is a major red flag as your money is never safe with an unregulated broker. In order to be sure about the regulation of Forex Macro, we also cross-checked with the top tier and recognized regulators to know whether the company has a license from any. Adding to our doubts, it was proven that Forex Macro does not have a license.

Forex Macro Founders:

Claimed to be founded in 2010, Forex Macro is technically more than a decade old. Despite staying in the industry for so long, the company has not been successful in making a name for itself. Forex Macro mentions nothing about their founders or the team. Now, this information is considered vital as founders and the team has an important role in the trades being conducted. Since the company reveals no information about the team and the founders, it is clear that Forex Macro is hiding something.

Forex Macro Websites:

For a little time, the websites of Forex Macro US and Forex Macro EU have not been active. The URL has been suspended probably because of the income of complaints. However, another interesting thing that we noticed was that Forex Macro has ditched both the EU and US websites and created a Spanish website under the same name. This is yet another suspicious activity and a red flag against Forex Macro.

Is Forex Macro a Scam or Legit?

To sum up, all that has been stated above, we can safely say that Forex Macro is a potential Scam. We request our readers to be extremely cautious if trading with Forex Macro. If you have been scammed by Forex Macro or any other scam broker, file a complaint with us today and get an instant reply with possible solutions for fund recovery.



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