Overview of Experia Markets Scam Review:

Experia Markets claims to be one of the most trusted and award-winning brokers that are dedicated to delivering success to all their customers around the world. They offer to trade in a variety of tradable instruments such as 70+ currency pairs, CFDs on precious metals and indices, etc. They also guarantee tight spreads and leverages up to 1:500. However, Experia Markets does not seem to have a good image anywhere else except its own page. Due to the overwhelming amounts of complaints that we received against the Experia Markets scam, we decided to review this scam broker. Read on to find more about Experia Markets Scam in this Experia Markets review.

About Experia Markets:

In this section, we would be reviewing the offers and demands of Experia Markets in detail.

Experia Markets Regulation:

Experia Markets is owned and operated by another firm by the name of Experia Markets Ltd. Now, the parent company is being operated and claimed to be regulated in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. For those who do not know, St. Vincent and the Grenadines is a part of the offshore zones which means that they are not allowed to supervise the brokerage firms. In such a case, it is comparatively easier for the scam brokers to get a license in exchange for money. Therefore, Experia Markets Ltd. is unregulated which means the brainchild, Experia Markets, is also unregulated. Furthermore, the company claims to have its operations done from an office in London. This fact is also completely false as if the company was operating out of London, they must have a license from the Financial Conduct Authority or the FCA which is also considered as a top-tier regulator. Therefore, it is clear that Experia Markets is unregulated and does not have a license. This gives us our first red flag against the Experia Markets scam.

Experia Markets Money Making:

Experia Markets falls under the category of market makers. This means that companies like Experia Markets make money when the traders who are affiliated with them incur a loss. Now, it must be clear to the readers that companies like Experia Markets will try to make the trader incur a loss in order to earn money. Therefore, it is definitely not a good idea to give the trading controls to the company by opting for the company to manage your trading account. Henceforth, the answer to the question of whether it is possible to make money with Experia Markets is no.

Experia Markets Minimum deposits and Leverages:

After knowing about the minimum deposit that Experia Markets demands and the leverage that Experia Markets offers, you will be shocked. Although the company asks for a minimum deposit of 200 USD at first, when we proceed to make an account, it demands a minimum deposit of 500 USD which is a very big amount. This gives us one more red flag against the Experia Markets scam. Secondly, the leverage offered by Experia Markets goes up to 1:500 which is yet again a huge amount and can cause the trader to lose the trade. This gives us a red flag against the Experia Markets scam.

Conclusion: Is Experia Markets a scam or legit?

In conclusion, we can safely say that Experia Markets is a complete scam. We request our readers to stay cautious if dealing with this firm. If you have been scammed by Experia Markets, report now and get an instant solution for fund recovery.


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