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Everfx Review

Everfx Review

Overview of Everfx Review:

Every day scam brokers find new ways to scam victims and steal all of their money. Be it through emotional manipulation or pressuring them to deposit more money by holding their alleged returns back, they always find new ways to steal money from the unsuspecting victims. If you are trapped in the claws of one such scam broker or were just researching about Everfx to invest with this broker, you are just at the right spot. In this review, we will be discussing all the problematic aspects that we found in Everfx that put this brokerage firm on the suspect list of a potential scam. Read on to find out more about Everfx.

About Everfx:

Founded in 2008, Everfx claims to be a global online trading platform that provides its customers with a variety of tradable instruments to trade from and earn billions of profits in return. During these thirteen years in this financial trading market, Everfx also offers services in forex trading, CFD trading, spread betting trading, Social trading, etc. Our basic expectations from this brokerage firm were completely tarnished the moment we visited their website. With a very complex paragraph explaining their investment terminology, Everfx seems to design the website with the sole intention of confusing the newcomers of the industry and the unsuspecting traders. The confusing fee structure provided on their website gives us a false belief that they charge less money, however that does not seem to be the case when we try to make an account.

Everfx and Regulations:

Everfx claims to be based in a country called the Cayman Islands. The website also claims that the company has a license from the regulation supervising the Cayman Islands. You must be thinking at this stage that if the brokerage firm has a license, then what is the whole point of this review and Everfx being a potential scam. The reason behind this is that the Cayman Islands are considered a part of the offshore zones. Offshore zones are those that do not have proper regulation. Therefore, a regulation from the offshore zones is equivalent to having no license at all. Henceforth, we can safely say that Everfx is UNREGULATED.

Everfx and Minimum Deposit:

The minimum deposit usually demanded by legitimate regulations ranges from $5 to $10. Therefore, it is implied that the brokers who ask for minimum deposits of more than $50 are up to something wrong. In our case, Everfx demands a minimum deposit of $10,000 which is much more than the average. This raises yet another red flag against Everfx.

Everfx and other Risks:

Apart from the high risk of Everfx not being regulated and the high minimum deposit, the company also asks for $30 as withdrawal fees every time a customer wants to withdraw. Everfx has hidden a majority of the information that should be made public for the interested customers to look at. This raises yet another red flag against Everfx.

Conclusion: Is it a scam or legit?

To conclude this review, we can safely say that Everfx is a potential scam. We request our readers to think about it and reach a decision before proceeding with Everfx. If you have been scammed by Everfx, report it now and get an instant reply from our team with solutions to get your money.

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