Overview of Ester Holdings Review:

Scam brokers have become an increasing nuisance in the industry. Advertising itself as a forex broker, Ester Holdings claims to offer over 75 different currency pairs and other commodities, shares, indices, etc. Despite all these claims, Ester Holdings is a complete scam. With no regulations and red flags all over the place, we will tell you why you shouldn’t be trading with Ester Holdings. If you find this article helpful, make sure to leave a comment below and share this with your loved ones. 

About Ester Holdings:

In this segment, we will be specifically discussing all the demands and offers met by Ester Holdings. We will also be pointing out the red flags found in the company’s work.

Ester Holdings Regulations:

Despite trying to make a legitimate brokerage image for itself, this is where the company failed to do so. Ester Holdings lists an address in Vanuatu as their office address which is suspicious enough. Furthermore, the company claims on their website that they have a license but fails to mention any more details about the license or the regulation. Therefore, it is clear from this that Ester Holdings is an offshore company and is unregulated. We request our readers not to trade with an offshore broker.  

Ester Holdings Demo Account:

Demo Accounts are crucial for every trader out there. These demo accounts not only help the new traders in getting acquainted with trading before investing their own money but also helps all the traders in knowing about the working of the company as well. Furthermore, it is helpful for financial watchdogs like us to review the brokers and point out the red flags or the green flags. Usually, legitimate brokerage firms always offer demo accounts for their customers and the scam brokers do not as they do not want their potential victims to know about their scam. In our case, Ester Holdings does not offer a demo account for their customers which is fishy. This raises a red flag against Ester Holdings. 

Ester Holdings Minimum Initial Deposits, Leverage, and Spread:

Ester Holdings demands a minimum initial deposit of $100 as compared to the average of $5 to $10 which is asked by the legitimate brokers. Judging the difference between what is demanded and what is the usual range, we can definitely be sure that Ester Holdings is up to something suspicious. This raises yet another red flag against Ester Holdings.

Coming to the leverage that is offered by Ester Holdings, that too alerts a red flag. Ester Holdings offers leverage up to 1:100. Even though it might not seem like a huge number, you must know that leverage plays a huge role in the trader’s probability of suffering a risk. The spread offered by Ester Holdings is 3 pips on EUR/USD as compared to the average of 1.5 pips. This, like every point above, raises one more red flag in this Ester Holdings review.


To conclude, Ester Holdings is a complete scam and we request our readers to avoid trading with this company. If you have been scammed by Ester Holdings, file a complaint now and get an instant reply with solutions for fund recovery.


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