Is EpsilonFx a scam or legit broker? Read EpsilonFx Review

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 Address – Suit 305, Griffith Corporate Center, Beachmont, Kingstown, St. Vincent, and the Grenadines

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EpsilonFx is an online trading platform that claims to be a leading platform and offers investments with transparency and honesty. The website can be found at and is located at Suit 305, Griffith Corporate Center, Beachmont, Kingstown, St. Vincent, and the Grenadines. On their website, they also claim that they can help you trade well with analytical and technical tools.

But all these claims and offers look good only with a legit broker, not with an unregulated or scam broker. EpsilonFx is a scam broker because it hides the details of its regulated license, which is a major red flag that this broker is involved in scam activities. Read this complete EpsilonFx review to know more about this broker.

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EpsilonFx claims to be a legit and trustworthy broker that offers to invest in Currencies, Commodities, Stocks, Indices and over 200 trading instruments with the best trading conditions available. But all these claims and offers fail when we know that EpsilonFx does not have a regulated license and is possibly a scam broker.

Trading Accounts, Leverages, and Spreads

EpsilonFx offers its users five types of trading accounts, including bronze, silver, gold, premium, and diamond. The minimum deposit for the bronze account is $1000 and goes up to $125,000 for the diamond account. The minimum deposit of $1000 is very high because most legitimate brokers offer a minimum deposit of $100 to their users.

The leverage starts at 1:50 for the bronze account and goes up to 1:200 for the diamond account. The spreads start at 0.12 pips, and it goes up to 0.001 pips for a diamond account.

Trading Software

EpsilonFx provides web-based trading software for a bronze account and for other accounts, it has both MT5 and web-based software.

But the legitimate brokers offer MT4 and MT5 trading software for all accounts and also provide a free demo account to their users. On the EpsilonFx website, there is no demo account, which is not a good sign.

How does the EpsilonFx scam work?

If you are a beginner investor who wants to get into trading, fraudulent brokers will find you to be an easy mark. They can contact you in many several ways, including emails, phone calls, social media, and online advertisements. Scammers could use any plan or trick to get you to invest a small amount of money.

Once you make your first deposit, they will always ask for more money to trade. But fraudulent brokers postpone your withdrawal request, and after some time, they freeze your trading account and extract the entire balance from it. At that point, you’ll understand that you were the victim of a scamming broker and lost all of your money to them.

Customer reviews and complaints

According to Report Scam, EpsilonFx received negative customer feedback and complaints on several websites. We also found out that this broker might not be a real one and might be a scammer. With the help of this review and after reviewing all the positive and negative EpsilonFx review. As a result, this broker is on our list of scam brokers 2023.

EpsilonFx Review Conclusion

To avoid falling victim to a cryptocurrency scam, forex fraud, investment scam, romance scam, gift card scam, or other online scams, Report Scam advise you to always verify the broker’s regulated license on the regulator’s website before investing money with them.

File a chargeback to get your money back if you fell for an EpsilonFx scam. Submit a complaint using our online form, and you can get a free consultation from our experts, and we’ll help you through the fund recovery procedure.

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Note: Report Scam Community has conducted many researches before flagging EpsilonFx as a possible scam in this EpsilonFx Review. Are you planning to trade with EpsilonFx and invest your money? Report Scam suggests you to read this EpsilonFx Review first.


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