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Dogfex Review

Dogfex Review



The most important decision an investor needs to make is to choose the right broker. The correct and genuine broker will definitely help you in your investment process and earning profits. However, there are several brokers existing in the market that pretends to be the legit ones but are not. In the same way, they come up with quite attractive services and professional and decent-looking websites in order to convince the investors to trade with them. And once, the investors and traders trust them and invest their funds with them, within a short duration of time, these scammers run away by shutting down their websites or by changing their names, resulting in the loss of funds of the investors.


Dogfex is one such broker that was operating in the market and was dealing in cryptocurrency trading. Let us read the detailed information regarding the Dogfex review to know about the Dogfex scam and how the investors have fallen victim to this broker losing all their investments and funds.


Dogfex Review –


Dogfex claims to be a cryptocurrency broker, offering the API trading interface for users and investors. Here, Dogfex offers investors Bitcoins, ethereum, litecoin, and other cryptocurrencies for their personal investment choice and trading options. The website of was very recently introduced and it is stated that it was registered by a company from China. However, the registration status of the broker is not mentioned anywhere. The website of Dogfex is not working, which leads to doubts n the mind of investors regarding its working and the regulation status.


Several investors claimed that they have been fallen into this scam. The concerned authorities of the broker communicate normally with the clients and then convince them to invest with them. And after the users invest with them through coins and make transactions with them, later on, they are unable to sell that coin. They introduce some kind of requirements that the user needs to fulfill in order to sell but once the user fulfills that requirement, they come up with another one. This states how Dogfex is irrelevant and unprofessional in its working and dealing with its clients. The customer service facility is also a fact of concern here, as they do not reply to the investor’s mail regarding any information or query.


Several negative comments and reviews are listed in the online platform stating how they have been defrauded and making aware the rest of the investors to avoid dealing with this broker. Factors such as location, working status, the services offered by the broker are not clear which leads to the conclusion that one cannot fully trust the broker. The investors should always move further with their investment and the concerned broker which is legit and is clear in its terms and conditions.


Check out the various negative points that state Dogfex as a potential scam broker-


  • Several negative reviews have been received regarding this broker by their users and investors.
  • The website was launched recently and is very young making it difficult for the investors to trust and trade with them.
  • Low Alexa Rank of the sites states the incompetency.
  • No information is available regarding the owner of the website.
  • The website is listed as a scam broker is various online platforms by investors and researchers.


Is Dogfex Scam or Legit Broker?


Dogfex is a scam broker as it does have any information about its working, terms, and conditions and after-trade policies. A larger number of negative reviews have been found on several online platforms stating how the client has been scammed and fallen prey to this broker, losing all their investments and funds. Therefore, the investors must look for the broker that are reputed and has a long working history with a large number of client in order to ensure the protection and security of the funds.

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