DCA Cripto Finance Review: Is DCA Cripto Finance Review a scam broker or a legitimate broker?

DCA Cripto Finance Website: https://dcacriptofinance.com/

Address: Middendreef 15, 8233 GT Lelystad, Netherlands

Regulated By: Unregulated

Warned By: Not Recommended By Report Scam Community

Introduction to DCA Cripto Finance Review

Many times, the scammers in the trade industry enter the market pretending to be someone else. These scammers further copy the name and important details such as the license of the regulated firm and pretend to be them in the market. Due to the fame of the regulated company, many traders get fooled into believing that the scammer is the real one and end up losing their money to the scammer. To protect yourself from such scams, read the full DCA Cripto Finance Review and know more.

About DCA Cripto Finance

Is DCA Cripto Finance regulated by any Financial Authority?

On their website, D.C.A Cripto Finance claims to be regulated in Germany. To check the legitimacy of this fact, we cross-checked with BaFin and found out that no company by the name of DCA Cripto Finance has a license from there. Furthermore, it was found that a company with a very similar name, DCA Finance B.V., is regulated under the Netherlands Authority of Financial Markets. This is how we knew that D.C.A Cripto Finance is a clone firm of the DCA Finance B.V. and therefore is UNREGULATED. One must never sign up with unregulated brokerage firms.

Is the claim of DCA Cripto Finance being a member of British FSCS true?

Absolutely not! DCA Cripto Finance also claims on their website that their organization has a license from the British FSCS. However, upon checking with the website of British FSCS, we soon got to know that DCA Cripto Finance is not regulated under them nor is it a member of this financial authority. This is another red flag against DCA Cripto Finance scam in this D.C.A Cripto Finance review.

What are the Terms and Conditions of DCA Cripto Finance?

Terms and Conditions are a very important part of any company. It is present in almost every field of the market from cosmetics to real estate. In our case, we found out that DCA Cripto Finance does not have terms and conditions for their company. This is really weird and is a clear red flag that DCA Cripto Finance is not even an established company. This takes us one step closer to DCA Cripto Finance scam in this D.C.A Cripto Finance review.

What are the trading conditions in DCA Cripto Finance?

With leverage at 1:100, DCA Cripto Finance is not even trying to hide the fact that it might be a scam. When regulated brokerage firms provide leverage up to 1:30, such high leverage is provided by DCA Cripto Finance has the sole intention of making their customers lose money. DCA Cripto Finance also demands a minimum initial deposit of $500. This is yet again very high and such a large amount is not asked by any regulation.

Conclusion: Is DCA Cripto Finance a scam broker or a legitimate one?

We must warn you that DCA Cripto Finance possesses all the signs of a scam broker and is unregulated. For more such reviews, visit Report Scam’s website and know more.

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