Is CoiniSwap a scam or a legit broker? Read this CoiniSwap Review to know more about the CoiniSwap scam

 Website –

 Address – Europeon Exchange Ltd. 10 Mythenquai, Zurich 8002, Switzerland

 Warned By – Ontario Securities Commission (Canada)

Why CoiniSwap is a scam?

Coiniswap poses as a cryptocurrency exchange by promoting itself as the simplest platform for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. Although it doesn’t properly describe its offers, it’s actually one of the worst locations to trade cryptos. It’s a good idea to have a backup plan in case your computer crashes. Beware!

Coiniswap claims to be a Swiss corporation with a presence in Sweden, Canada, and Spain, but that’s just fiction. In fact, the Swiss regulatory body FINMA issued a warning against Coiniswap, declaring it to be a scam since it is not authorized to provide financial services to the general public.

As we don’t truly believe that these con artists will give their true location, Coiniswap’s address is probably just a fake. The same goes for the phone numbers listed above; they are fake, thus Coiniswap purposefully misleads clients while pretending to be anonymous—a tactic used by scammers. Furthermore, a lack of openness suggests that Coiniswap is merely another swindle.

If you are scammed by a CoiniSwap broker, you can file a complaint in the complaint form. You can also check the scam broker 2023 page to avoid scam brokers.

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