Avoid falling victim to internet fraudsters. Use our advice to check a website for scams and steer clear of phony, fraudulent, or con websites.

Do you suspect a website or link you’re visiting may be a phishing site? Every year, a large number of people become victims of fraud or scams. With the expansion of websites and developments in technology, the varieties of online fraud keep expanding. Here are some tips to check a website for scams and help you determine whether a website is authentic or aiming to deceive you by checking it for fraud.

Check the domain name twice

A popular product or brand name is referenced in the domain name of many fake websites. Such domains may be a cause of concern. 

Also, be wary of domains with .org extensions. This may have been purchased by dubious individuals or companies because they rarely get utilized for online purchases.

Check out the company’s social media profiles

On social media, the most reliable companies are present and engaged. If you see social media icons on a company’s website, double-check that they link to a social media site, read client testimonials, and search LinkedIn to see if you can find actual employees there. 

Carefully examine the URL and address bar

Check the URL in the address bar (which should begin with “https://”) to see if there is an “s” or whether the address bar contains a lock icon to confirm that the site is protected. Although it is not an assurance, it does demonstrate that the site’s owner is utilizing safe methods of encryption to convey data and defend itself against intruders. 

The deal may seem too great to be real

Sadly, prices that seem too great to be real usually are scams. Scam websites attract customers with low pricing to swiftly sell products that are false, fake, or unknown. 

Be on the lookout for this since scammers can use obnoxious wording or a timer with a countdown to increase the stress for you to buy anything now while the offer still exists.

Use our scam detection advice to determine whether a certain offer is legitimate or merely a ruse.

Visit the website

Spend a few minutes to check the website for scams. Read the details provided on the home page. Beware of bad English, including mistakes in grammar and spelling, as well as awkwardly phrased sentences. It can imply that the website isn’t legitimate and was created by someone abroad who wants to make money quickly.

Watch out for pixelated graphics or photos as well as outdated logos. These could be a sign that con artists are attempting to mimic a reputable business or lack the funds to build an expert website.

Review sites online

Examine online reviews from several sources that compile them to check a website for scams. Make sure to visit numerous review websites rather than just one.

The company’s social media pages should also be checked for recent actions and to observe what other users are publishing on those platforms. 

Contact details

Additionally, you want to confirm the website’s contact details. 

Genuine companies will always provide contact information; if a website lacks a “Contact Us” page, it may be false. Any business that is selling products or providing services online should provide contact information like their physical location, phone number, and email address.

If these details are missing, you should view the website with extreme suspicion.

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